American Teens Lie , Cheat & Steal

Chuck Colson BreakPoint (Smore created by Daisy Romero )

Important quote

An important is"Results paint a troubling picture of our future politician and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals." This quote is important because it shows a small picture of our future.

Another important quote from this article is "93 percent described themselves as satisfied with their personal ethics." This quote shows that they think there ok.

Main idea

The main idea of this article was to interview teens to see how many of them lied, cheated or stole and the result was 93% still thought they were ok.

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose is to tell us how many teens have stolen, lied or cheated. And maybe prevent us from doing so.

Important Words

" Contrary" - its important because it shows the different.

" Confessed"- it shows that the teens admitted their mistake

"Admission"- shows the truth of something.

"impersonal"- shows the personal feelings