Greece Sports

BY Alicia Spencer

The First Olympic Games And Events

Everyone Loves to watch the Olympics and if not love to watch some sports like football baseball or soccer even cause the Olympics only come every 4 years and it all started with ancient Greece Like the Discus That we have now or the javelin throw racing and not just by foot chariots is this is most likely where they got the idea of horse racing without he chariots cause they gotten out of style and they also inspired sports that has nothing to do with the Olympics such as Boxing and Fighting i have searched up some great people who has set amazing recordsFrom Sparta. Cynisca of Sparta (owner of a four-horse chariot) (first woman to be listed as an Olympic victor) This here achievement is amazing and inspiration to know women has been doing great this for a very long timeFrom Rhodes: Diagoras of Rhodes (boxing 79th Olympiad, 464 BC) and his sons Akusilaos and Damagetos (boxing and pankration)There were great boxers before Mohammad Ali or Mike Tyson