Pronoun Town

We Will help you here learn about pronouns!

This will be a very fun Trip!

First we are going to learn about Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns Are the same pronouns used for demonstrative adjectives, They are always followed by a noun,


That is so cool!

This is so fun!

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Next We will learn about Numeral Pronouns

Numeral pronouns Are used to take the place of nouns in a sentence.


I ate 3 Cookies

I ate 1 Slice of pizza

Indefinite Pronouns are next!

Indefinite Pronouns are words that replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace.


Anyone could have stolen my cookie

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Possessive Pronouns

A possessive pronoun is a pronoun indicating possession.


That is his


Antecedents are something referring to a back to a pronoun


I Went to go see Jurrassic Park It was Great

Interrogative pronouns

Interrogative pronouns are basically asking or interrogating a person.


What did you eat for breakfast?

How old are you?

Compound Pronouns

A compound pronoun is a pronoun using self or ourselves


I hit myself, would be compound pronoun myself

Subjective case pronouns!

Subjective case pronoun is the person who does the verb in the sentence.


I ate pancakes

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Objective case pronouns

A objective case pronoun is a person or thing receiving the action or verb.


He told her a secret