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First level of cricket world cup finished. What a tournament going on... interesting! Knock-out stage starting from 18th March 17, 2015, 8 teams and 7 matches will decide Champion of One Day International Cricket. This is the time you need a good cricket betting tips expert’s advice.

Summary of this world cup is very impressive India and New Zealand is unbeatable so far in this tournament. But Pakistan and West indies didn’t know their future till last match, both save their position from winning last matches. Ireland team is unlucky this time, they won 3 matches as West Indies, beat West Indies but disqualified because of Run Rate. West Indian team’s Net Run Rate is higher than Ireland. Before fight of final eight let’s check out their previous performance as they fight in Quarter finals.

First match Sri Lanka v/s South Africa (18th march)

Both team won four matches and lost two. Star batsman of teams, are in superb form Sangakara and AB Deviliers. This is the only match in all four quarter finals where no bady bookie favorite. The match will be at Sydney slowest pitch in Australia. Our free cricket tips experts give 55 out of 100 to South Africa.

Second Match India v/s Bangladesh (19th march)

India won all six matches and Bangladesh lost 3 and won 3 matches till now. Without doubt India will claim victory, but be cautious of mishmash because Bangladesh can change all the equation. But tips for this match 90 out of 100 to India.

Third match Australia v/s Pakistan, Interesting match for cricket fans. Australia and Pakistan won equal matches in series but this figure not telling the real fact about journey of this stage because Australia side stronger than Pakistani side. The only fact in favor of Pakistan is their amazing comeback and Australian side worried about it. Our Cbtf experts give 65 out of 100 to Australia.