Roanoac island


How it all started

In 1584 the english set ship with roughly 115 passengers to find a passage to the pacific ocean from the atlantic.But they ran low on food so John White and his crew returned to england in year 1586.

bye bye family

In August 1590, John White finally returned to Roanoke, where he had left his wife and daughter, his baby granddaughter and there was no trace of a colony.
Roanoke Island


The word “Croatoan” were carved on a post and the letters “CRO” scratched into a trunk of a tree and everyone thought those were the people who attacked and maybe took people captive

The conflict

The settlers and the Native Americans never got along well.The settlers would go ask the Native Americans for help with their crops but the Native Americans refused.

They all died out

They all wanted to find the croatoan.They searched and searched but did not find them before the settlers all died