For Sale Planet Earth

Asking Price: 41,030,411,008,972,000,042.99$

Interior of the Earth

The interior of this fine planet consists of several layers of increasingly hot materials. The outer layer of crust followed by the upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and the inner core. Due to the exceptionally dense core, the Earth supports a powerful gravitational pull - the perfect trait you want in buying a planet!

Plate Tectonics

Earth's outer crust consists of several separate plates that shift over the surface of the mantle. This system of plates is also partially responsible in the creation of the Earth's magnetic field, almost like a two-for-one deal!

Earth's Atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounding Earth is a collection of gasses held in place by Earth's gravitational pull. Not only is the atmosphere essential to supporting life on Earth by providing the gasses needed for organic life to survive, it also protects the Earth from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Earth's Magnetic Field

Earth harbors a magnetic field that reaches as far as the Sun's solar wind. This strong magnetic field protects the Earth from dangerous radiation coming from space. This combined with the protection you're already getting from the atmosphere makes this planet a safe investment!