Vitamin K

By Rachel Kruse 3rd period

What is it?

The fatsoluble vitamin is stored in fat tissue and liver. It's main role is to efficiently and properly clot the blood in our body. Also, it keeps our bones strong so we can function strongly.

Get your Vitamin K!

Where to look:

Big suppliers of vitamin K include beef liver and vegetables including broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, asparagus, and dark lettuce leaves. This is because chlorophyll is a big maker of vitamin K and it is naturally in almost all plants and vegetables!

Make sure you eat your veggies or else...

Without the proper amount of vitamin K, people can have many risks. People who don't consume a large amount are likely to have osteoporosis, a decreased amount of bone density that is normal and worse bone health in general. People can have excessive internal and external bleeding due to their blood being too thin. All these components help diseases to come about... So make sure you get enough vitamin K!