Pooja's Dog Walking Service

Convenient Dog Walking Services For a Cheap Price

About Me

Hi my name is Pooja Sethi, I am currently 15 years old and going into grade 10. I have a chocolate Labrador that I love. I have a love for all dogs and quite a lot of experience as well. As a dog owner myself, I know how difficult it can get to get enough activity in their day. I am determined to take good care of your dog and get a significant amount of exercise in their day

Reliable Dog Walking

Every dog needs exercise in their daily lives, however owners may not have the time to deliver it to them. This is where I come in. I provide dog walking that is reliable and affordable. 1 hour walks are only $9 and 2 hour walks are only $12. If you wish to send more than one dog from the same source then it will be $11 for the hour walks and $14 for the 2 hour walks. These prices are almost half of what most services charge plus the groups of dogs are smaller and get more attention. I guarantee that your dog(s) will return safely.

If you wish to have your dog walked twice a day in order for them to get a good amount of exercise it is only $15 for the hour and $20 for two hours.


After walking under the hot sun your loved one(s) would love to cool off. If you wish, I can bring your dog(s) back to my home for a half and hour swim in a chlorine-free, clean pool. This will cost $3.


This service is for your convenience, therefore the timings are very broad



Contact me!

If you are interested simply e-mail,call or text me with the number of dogs, your address, the timing for the walk, whether you prefer the swimming option and whether you would like an hour walk or two hour walk.