Karlie's Eagle Smore

By Karlie T.

All About Eagles

This flyer will give you my viewpoint on the eagles. We have been watching the eagles ever since March 3rd. I am going to share my information with you.
Berry College Eagles

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A piece of my blog

Where is that parent?

March 31, 2015

I’m noticing that both of the parents are gone. Are the babies okay? I also see that the eagles turned from grey to brown. They are both awake. I wonder what the parent is doing. 1 parent could be…

  • hunting

  • watching the babies from a distance

  • flying around

The only thing that I know is the eaglets are all alone and both parents are gone. Are the eaglets going to be alright? I hope they are. Is it windy? I think it is windy because the tree limbs are moving.

April 14, 2015

I am noticing that the eaglets are eating a fish. What is wrong with the eaglets? They are chirping like crazy! Why are they chirping? They might be exited. Now the parent is feeding the eaglets. I can tell that the babies have changed and have some white feathers. They might be testing their voices. Do they like big meals? I guess so because they are still eating [And chirping]. And I notice it is windy. Now I see that the parent and a baby are fighting over a piece of meat.

April 21, 2015

I am noticing that the eaglets are alone. I also see that they are getting pretty big and brown. Also, I can see that they are branching. Why are the eagles picking themselves? I am now seeing that one eagles is looking around. Now they are picking at themselves. Now one eaglet is looking around. What are they doing?
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^This is where we observed the eagles^

Berry College Bluebirds

Here is a link that shows you the cute baby bluebirds

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The Eagles

I love the eagles

The beautiful carnivores

That fly through the sky

Thank you Dr. Carleton for letting us see the Berry College eagles!