alyssa lazaro

professional commnication

personal statement

I believe that everyone is equal with each other. i cant live without my mum because me & her are always doing fun things together. i like to travel, i've been to California, Louisiana, alabama, oklahoma, florida. I am a proud sister of a marine. what i really love doing is going to concerts, its where my favorite songs & singers areperformed live.
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nonverbal language


the person is very shocked & filled with confusion after realizing something.
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informal language

the person is being itself when she is not at work, with an unofficial style.
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Future goals

after high school i would like to travel & tell other people about it. I have been traveling since i was ten, & the place i would love to go visit is Australia, because i want to see the animals & visit the Opera house. i would also wouldlike to meet atleast two celebrities at california.