A New Life in The Byzantine Empire


Byzantine is located between Asia and Europe. It is protected by water on three sides and a triple wall from invaders from the west. Also the harbor from the north was protecting Byzantine. There would also be a deep moat. It was a desert climate in the Byzantine empire, warm during the day and cool at night.


Art and Architecture

The aqueducts, hippodrome , and the Hagia Sofia are some of the big architectures Byzantine made. They were created for religion, entertainment and resource of water.

This allowed clean water for bathing and drinking. Arches was also used in May buildings and the onion dome was used.

The religion was there source of art. The icons was a form of art that wold be placed on walls of homes or churches. Another example of art would be the mosaic that has many pieces of colored glass and stone put together.


The Religion in the Byzantine is the Eastern Orthodox. This aloud the priest to get married, and people may get a divorce. Patriarch was the rulers of the church. The Byzantine were Christian. The Byzantine split with the western side of Rome because they had many disagreements. An example of a disagreement is how the pope is in charge and people may not get a divorce. For the Byzantine the icons were used for worship and the icons in the Roman Catholic used it for decoration. The pope for the waster and the Patriarch rose up and kicked each other out

The Government

In the Byzantine empire they were a Dictator. They revised the Justinian code to make it better. In the code their were 5,000 Roman laws and would be for Marriage, slavery, property, women's rights, etc... This code would last for 900 yrs.

Places to visit

There are many locations you can visit. If you want to trade or buy objects from Asia and Africa the Mese is the place. There chariot racing down at the Hippodrome, a smaller version of the Coliseum.