Jane Ball Staff Happenings

Week of March 10

Nuts and Bolts

ISTEP testing

ALL grades please be mindful of hallway procedures during testing.

Also there will be NO library classes Tuesday-Friday mornings until 11:30 due to ISTEP.

Morning Procedures this week

When students arrive they should still go to their designated area. At 8:30 we will move ALL students to the gym for morning pep rally and announcements.


We received notice that we were awarded the Early Literacy Grant for 2013-14!

Woo hoo!

I will be meeting with teams in the next few weeks to order materials and organize PD that was in the grant!

Data Talk

Janet and Tracy will be looking at Google Docs to file review after our latest NWEA test to check Tier 2 and Tier 3 placements. Please have all your data up to date and accurate. In addition, grades 3-5 please be sure you have highlighted the scores that are below grade level as discussed last week. Please have this complete no later than Wednesday.


Please be mindful of the schedule. You should be sure that you are dropping off and picking up your class on time. We will be working with special teachers this spring to ensure we have more time between classes but to help them implement their curriculum they need everyones help to make sure they can maximize the time in their class.

Office Referrals

The last week has seen an increase number of office referrals. Cabin fever has certainly been a huge factor. I never have a problem helping any teacher or student when it comes to discipline, but remember that when you send a student to the office it should be a last resort as this can undermine the authority of the classroom teacher. Keep communication open. If you need me to "drop" by more often, or need some coaching suggestions let me know. (Remember I survived being a middle school teacher:) ) Sometimes just a fresh pair of eyes and a brainstorm session with another educator can come up with some proactive ideas to ensure the success of our students. For our frequent flyers, do we need a face to face with the parents? I am happy to sit in on these conferences if you need me.


Huge Shout Outs to Tracey Lakomek for organizing Read Across America week!

So many compliments for community members, staff and students. Well Done!

Huge Shout Out to Maggie Ryan on the success of the 2013-14 Jane Ball Art Show!

The students were so proud of their work! What a great way to acknowledge the talent of our students and give them the recognition and support they need! Kudos!

Shout out to Cheryl Huebsch, Emily Hires, Maggie Ryan, Jeff Zemke, Caryn Sknerski and Gay Plants for a successful first week of JAM and JAR. You know when a remediation program is going well when you are approached by other students wanting to know how they can join!

Also shout out to Lori for putting this program together so quickly!

Shout out to Carrie Vincent for her ingenuity trying to find more positive ways to quickly and consistantly address recess behavior so all our students are safe and respectful.

ISTEP Applied March 10-March 14



Grade 3 ONLY Practice test 9:00-9:22


Grade 3 Session 1 Math 40 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 4 Session 1 Math 40 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 5 Session 1 Math 40 min. 10:30-11:30


Grade 3 Session 2 ELA 60 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 4 Session 2 ELA 60 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 5 Session 2 ELA 60 min. 10:30-11:30


Grade 3 Session 3 ELA 60 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 4 Session 3 ELA 60 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 5 Session 3 ELA 60 min. 10:30-11:30


Grade 4 Session 2 Science 30 min. 9:00-10:00

Grade 5 Session 2 Social Studies 30 min. 10:30-11:30

Special Education Students and 504 Students should be scheduled separately

All IMAST students will be supervised in the Library by Mrs. Gianni

Retentions and RTI


Please be familiar with Policy 5410 regarding Promotion, Placement, and Retention.


The timelines for elementary grade placement changes is as follows:

Oct.-Jan.: Teacher should inform parents of student progress

Early March: Teacher should notify principal if an alternative grade placement is being considered. The student intervention team (RTI) may be convened by the principal.

Early April: If placement or retention is still being considered, parents should have been notified by this time and commitment to the decision secured.

May-June: Decision on placement or retention is made and student grade placement recommendation is completed.

Final decisions on student promotion, placement, or retention rest with the building principal. If the parent disagrees with the decision they are welcome to appeal to the Superintendent.

Please notify me of students you are CONSIDERING for retention by March 15th.

I am working on a form and will send that our by email either tonight or tomorrow.

You will need to fill out this form for EACH student you are considering for retention. The form will include data components. If you have questions or concerns please ask.

I am including an article on the research behind retention. I am a firm believer that if we have a strong intervention program we will not need to retain as many students. (I know about the IREAD requirements) There is sometimes a need for retention but on a very limited basis. I will be discussing this during data talks at more length.

Please read the following:


What's Happening this Week:


No Morning Meetings

Grade 3 ISTEP Practice Test 9:00

Data Talk Kindergarten (1:00-1:45)

High Ability Game Night (3:30-4:30)

JAM after school


Data Meeting 8:05 Grade 1 in conference room

8:30 ALL Grade Levels ISTEP Pep Rally

Can we do it? YES WE CAN! Hokey Pokey!

You are Bright! Wear NEON!

Grades 3-5 ISTEP Session 1

9:00 Deb meeting central office

6:00 pm Board Meeting - Math Bowl will be recognized!



8:30 ALL Grade Levels ISTEP Pep Rally

Firework! BINGO song!

Don't sweat it! Wear your sweats!

Grades 3-5 ISTEP Session 2

3:45 PTO meeting


Grades K-1 and 3-5 Team Meetings

8:30 ALL Grade Levels ISTEP Pep Rally

We can succeed! Setting our sights on College!

Wear college attire. Adams Family Song and Chicago Bulls Theme Song

Grade 2 Data Meeting with Deb conference room at 1:45-2:30 (This is a change)

Grades 3-5 ISTEP Session 3


Staff Meeting 8:05 in Casey's Room

  • Advanced Ed Presentation (Deb's Part only)
  • Go over Advanced Ed Observation Forms

8:30 ALL Grade Levels ISTEP Pep Rally

Eye of the Tiger (or in our case Lion:) )

Show your Lion Pride, wear red or Jane Ball attire.

Friday Night LIVE 6pm-8pm