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Weekly Events

Monday, 4/4 FCAT/FSA Make-Ups 11/12

3rd Quarter Report Cards (there are 3 other documents that need to be distributed with report cards, they have been placed in staff mailboxes)

Data Chats with Technical Subjects - Murphy's Office

7:40AM – Leadership, room 206

Lunches – Quarter 3 privilege card stamps & on track incentive

6:00PM – Softball vs. FHS

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball @ WWHS

Tuesday, 4/5 Algebra 1 Retakes 11/12, FSA Writing Make-Ups

AVID Field Trip – Florida Atlantic University

8:30AM – AP Environmental Practice Exam, room 206

6:00PM – Softball @ PHS

7:00PM – Varsity BB @ HHS

Wednesday, 4/6 FCAT/FSA Reading Retakes 11/12

Planning Period PD – Room 206* - Please bring your upcoming standards and learning targets.

7:40AM – iTech Integration PLC, room 110

8:30AM – AP World History Practice Exam, room 206

3:00PM – Prom Promise rehearsal, RHS stadium

3:00PM – RHS Track @ FHS

6:00PM – Softball vs. LOLHS

Thursday, 4/7 AM Activity Schedule / FSA & FCAT Makeups

AM Activity Schedule

1st Period: 8:30 – 9:13

Activity Period: 9:17 – 10:17

2nd Period: 10:21 – 11:04

3rd Period: 11:08 – 11:51

4A Lunch: 11:51 – 12:31

4A Class: 12:35 – 1:21

4B Class: 11:55 – 12:41

4B Lunch: 12:41 – 1:21

5th Period: 1:25 – 2:08

6th Period: 2:12 – 2:55

9:17AM – Prom Promise, RHS stadium (All students will attend, no backpacks, will be released by announcement)

6:00PM – Softball vs. WCHS

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball @ PHS

Friday, 4/8 FSA Writes Make Ups, Algebra 1 Retakes 11/12

8:30AM – AP Music Theory Practice Exam, room 206

11:30AM – Prom Ticket distribution @ lunches

7:00PM – Junior/Senior Prom, Kapok Tree

Saturday, 4/9

8:00AM – ACT, RHS

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

Planning Period PD for 3/31 & 4/6

Leslie Frick will be here on Wednesday again to follow up from last week with formative assessment and monitoring (facilitation grids) as well as move into questioning. The presentation and resources can be found on the Ridgewood Hub at this link.

Please make sure that you bring with you your upcoming standards and learning targets so that we can develop formative assessments as PLCs. This development and implementation will assist with the data chats the following week.

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Upcoming Data Chats: Weeks of 4/11, 5/2

  1. Meeting Schedules

    1. 4/11, 5/2

      1. Alg I-1st period

      2. Life Science-2nd period

      3. Gov/Econ-3rd period

      4. English I- 4th period

      5. USH-5th period

      6. English II- 6th period

    2. 4/12, 5/3

      1. Geo-1st period

      2. Chemistry-2nd period

      3. PSR English-5th Period

    3. 4/13, 5/4

      1. PSR Math-1st period

      2. Anat/Med Int-2nd period

      3. WH-5th period

    4. 4/14, 5/5

      1. Phys Sci-2nd period

Questions to Think About:

  • What standard(s)/learning targets did you assess on the formative assessment you developed?

  • Tell me about the formative assessment that you implemented to measure student mastery of the standard(s)/learning targets. (What was the format? Multiple Choice, Essay, etc.)

  • What high leverage strategies did you use to teach the learning targets? How did you use Marzano’s Taxonomy in your planning and instruction?

  • How did you monitor student understanding of the learning targets during the lesson/unit (i.e. facilitation grid)?

  • How did you record data from the formative assessment for analysis? What did your analysis show you about student mastery of the standard(s)/learning targets?

  • What is your plan to differentiate instruction and interventions to meet the needs of various learners?

The Educator with a Growth Mindset: 3 articles to explore

Take a look at this brief article by Terry Waghorn,"Are You Trapped In A Fixed Mindset? Fix It!" from Forbes Magazine.


In summary, Carol Dweck, Stanford University psychologist, to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset you should:

Begin by seeking evidence for the growth mindset in your life.

Next, learn to recognize your fixed mindset when it takes over.

Recognize that you have a choice.

As you face challenges, setbacks and criticism, listen to that fixed mindset voice and talk back to it with a growth mindset voice.

Put the growth mindset into action.

Which voice you listen to becomes pretty much your choice. You decide whether or not you’re going to:

–take on a challenge wholeheartedly,

–learn from your setbacks and try again,

–hear the criticism and act on it.

Kudos for learning, safety, and pride!

Joe Raiti is recognized by Alicia Leary for Learning: WOW! Thank you for encouraging your students to come to AP Coffee Shop. 53 kids benefitted from your dedication!

Daniell Grubbs, Ed McComiskey and Chad Krupyak are recognized by Alicia Leary for Learning: Thank you for being dedicated to AP Coffee Shop.

Tisha Doohen is recognized by Alicia Leary for Learning: Thank you for helping me figure out the new Pearson testing platform.

Patty Hanley is recognized by Jamilla, Aftan and Lydia for Safety: For having a student’s bus stop changed to provide for his safety.

Darlene Wells is recognized by Joe Raiti for Pride: Darlene donated a sketch book, drawing pencil and eraser to one of my students who shows artistic potential.

RHS Cafeteria Staff is recognized by Aftan Overturf for Pride: For working together to feed us the day we were without electricity, Thank you!

Katie Maertin is recognized by Sarah Miller for Learning: Always making time for students! You’re amazing! Keep it up!

Kim Sutphin is recognized by Alicia Leary for Learning: Great job with course selection! You successfully registered approximately 500 of our students!

Nicole Sharkey is recognized by Alicia Leary for Learning: I really liked how you stepped out of the Agile Mind curriculum to provide supportive, explicit instruction. It was “berry” good =)

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