Types Of Hardware.

What Is Hardware.

Hardware is something which is connected to the computer such as a mouse in order for it move around,a keyboard to type what you want and a monitor which displays the output.

Hardware is something which you can physically touch and can either be connected or by wireless connected to the computer.


What Is CPU ?

CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit" which follows and carries out instructions of the Computer system.

The Fan

The Fan is used inside the Computer to keep the Computer cool from the heat which is produced inside the computer.

Hard Disk

A Hard Drive stores the storage which goes into the computer.Hard Drives can be in any gigabytes which is how much storage can be used to store Computer Data.


The Motherboard is the Circuit Board inside the Computer and other hardware are connected to it example keyboard which can be placed in the USB ports or by wireless.The Motherboard also has different ports for different uses.


The Sound Card which can also be called a Audio Card which lets audio out of the outputs which are the speakers and the input which are the ports.