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What was the Nazi Party?

Explain why there was a nazi party

Hitler was a member of the "German Workers' Party". It was poor. And it didn't have much money.Later on, Hitler became the leader of "National Socialist German workers' Party". Which was then called the nazis. The nazis became strong and decided to get rid of their enemies. (Jews,Egyptians,gypsies,etc.) The party was to plan how they were going to do this. And what they're going to do.

Identify what was Hitler planning during the party.

The Nazi Party was to plan what they were going to do and make ideas for success.

The plan was... Hitler decided to have a pure race in Germany in order to succeed. They also built prison camps for Jews and their other "enemies".Hitler also persuaded his people to believe what they were doing was right.

Describe what Hitler needed to do ,to get his plan the way he wanted it to go.

Hitler killed Jews and people with other religion. Even other people he didn't want in the pure race. That was part of his plan and victory. He invaded most of Europe. He tried to take over Great Britain, but Germany lost "The Battle Of Britain". Hitler knew that if he could take over Britain they would fall for peace. But he thought wrong cause he lost the war. He also thought if he could take over Europe, he could go big and take over the world.

But good thing this plan didn't work.


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