CWMS Back to School Newsletter

Empowering All Students for Success

A Message from Mrs. Zywczyk

Dear Canal Winchester Middle School Families,

The 2021-2022 school year is close at hand and we are excited for another great year! The purpose of this newsletter is to communicate important information that will help make the start of school smooth for our families and students.

We are looking forward to working with our students and families this year, and recognize that students do best when the school and families work closely together. Our goal is to connect with our families by communicating as much as possible through a variety of channels.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will open our doors to welcome students to the 2021-22 school year. As a staff, we will continue to work on student achievement to improve student learning and cultivate a positive culture and climate within our school.

In closing, thank you for your continued support, and get ready for an awesome year!


Kelly Zywczyk

August and September Important Dates

August 18- 6th-grade orientation- This is the first day of school for 6th-grade students.

In an effort to provide a smooth transition for 6th-grade students Canal Winchester Middle School has developed a whole day experience on August 18th to prepare students for success. The agenda for the day will include the following: CWMS schedule, Chromebook pick-up, teambuilding, school expectations, and meeting our CWMS staff members. Please have students bring their Chromebook, backpack, and supplies.

This is the first day of school for 6th-grade students and all are expected to attend. Students should report to their homeroom teacher when they arrive at school. Students can view their schedules on PowerSchool and homerooms will be posted in the rotunda as they enter the building. Teachers will welcome our 6th-grade students as they arrive and help them get to their correct location.

August 19- 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students attend CWMS

August 31- MAP Testing

September 1- MAP Testing

September 2- 6th grade Parent Orientation (students do NOT need to attend)


Location: CWMS Cafeteria

September 15- Fall Pictures

September 17- Please look for your student's MAP Family Report and ask your student about their fall test.

September 23- Fall Conferences (4:00-7:00 pm)

September 30- Fall Conferences (4:00-7:00 pm)

Please Welcome our New Assistant Principal Mr. Culver

Mr. Culver is a proud educator with 13 years of experience as a Business teacher and varsity football coach at Gahanna Lincoln High School.

He earned a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business in Marketing and Logistics while also participating on the football team. He holds a Master of Arts in Workforce Development from Ohio State and attended American College of Education where he earned a Master of Education in Education Leadership.

With a strong focus on helping students grow in their social-emotional and academic needs, Mr. Culver enjoys making learning relevant to real life. When he is not helping students reach their full potential, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, cheering on the Buckeyes and Browns, and is an avid runner. Mr. Culver identifies as a lifelong learner and devoted reader, some of his favorite books are Above The Line, Extreme Ownership and Leaders Eat Last.

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Canvas Learning Management System Information for Families

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to provide a personalized learning experience through instructional support, class calendars, messages, notifications, assignments, collaborative activities, and resources that are tailored to each student in one easy-to-use, easy-to-access platform.

All teachers at CWMS will be using Canvas for the 2021-22 school year and all families are able to connect to their student’s accounts. Parent access in Canvas gives the ability to see what is going on in a course and a calendar of assignments.

Click here to learn how to create a Canvas parent account.

Information about CWMS Grading, Weighted Assignments Types and Honor Roll Levels


Canal Winchester Middle School assignments are weighted and divided into two categories- formative grades and summative grades. Summative grades make up a percentage of a student's overall grade and include tests, quizzes, and major projects. Formative grades make up a percentage of a student's grade and include classwork, homework, etc.

8th Formative 50% Summative 50%

7th Formative 55 % Summative 45%

6th Formative 60 % Summative 40%

CWMS Honor Roll Levels

Gold Level: 4.0 and above.

Silver Level: 3.2 – 3.99.

Bronze: 3.0 – 3.19.

What is Achieve 3000?

Achieve3000 is a supplemental online literacy program that provides nonfiction reading content to students in grades PreK–12 and focuses on building phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. Achieve3000 is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiated online instruction. Teachers use the program with an entire class but the assignments are tailored to each student’s reading ability level.

Your child will be taking a placement test called LevelSet at the beginning of the year using Achieve3000. The test will determine your child’s reading level so that he/she can be matched with reading and writing materials at the correct level.

NWEA MAP Testing

Canal Winchester Local Schools administers the NWEA MAP test in grades K-8 in the fall, winter, and spring. MAP tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for your student’s level of learning. The tests measure growth and readiness and show us what a student is “ready to learn.”

Teachers will send home Family Reports three times a year to keep you informed about your student's progress.

What is this report? A summary of how your child is performing academically, as measured by the most recent MAP® Growth™ test.

What is MAP Growth? A test that adapts to your child’s responses to measure your child’s skill level.

Why is my child taking MAP Growth? MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use results to tailor classroom lessons and set goals for students.

What do achievement and growth mean?

Achievement: How well your child has learned skills in a subject compared to similar students nationwide.*

Growth: A measure of your child’s personal progress over the year.

What is a RIT score? The overall score for a subject based on a Rasch Unit (RIT) scale that indicates how your child performed in a subject.

Locker Use, Bookbags/Backpacks and Dress Code Guidelines

1. Students will use lockers this school year.

2. Students are permitted to carry book bags/backpacks during the school day.

Dress Code Guidelines

Middle school is a time of physical, social, and emotional development for students. That development does not take place at the same rate for all students, so clothing that may fit one student appropriately may not be appropriate for another student. To ensure appropriate dress, students will be held to the following guidelines:

The following guidelines are to be followed:

1. Clothing should be so constructed and worn in such a manner that is not unduly revealing.

1a. Tops and waistlines of bottoms must overlap when standing, sitting, etc.

1b. Tank tops, “spaghetti straps”, midriff tops, and other garments of this nature are not acceptable. (Note: undergarments should not be visible.)

1c. The length of shorts/skirts must be a reasonable length. This includes athletic shorts.

When choosing shorts for school a 4 to 5-inch inseam is reasonable. (This sentence is to help guide students when choosing shorts.)

1d. Pants with holes, frays, rips, above midthigh must be covered with a patch/layer of clothing (no tissue/no tape, etc.).

1e. Clothing with holes in inappropriate locations is not allowed.

1f. Transparent (sheer/see-through) garments, open mesh garments, or garments with large open sides are not allowed.

1g. Swimwear or any spandex type/compression style undergarments (e.g. compression shorts or shirts) are not permitted. (Note: undergarments should not be visible.)

2. Pajama pants/flannel pants (of any material) are not permitted unless approved by the building principal.

3. Hats, scarves, hoods, bandanas, and other head attire shall not be worn in the building except for religious or medical purposes.” Important: Bandanas are not to be worn as headbands.

4. Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must not present a safety risk for specialized classroom environments (i.e. Physical Education, etc). No slippers should be worn to school at any time.

5. No article of clothing shall be worn that distracts from the educational process. Shorts and slacks are to be belted at the waist. “Sagging” is not permitted.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Morning Drop-Off Procedure:

Middle School students should be dropped off in the morning in front of the school by the Main Office. Drivers will need to enter the zone by entering at the north entrance and dropping off the students between the choir room doors and flag pole (see map below). Peak drop-off time is between 7:15-7:30. To ensure a safe and orderly morning drop-off procedure, the front parking lot is one way. Parents wishing to park will need to enter at the North entrance and park in the lot in the front of the building. Please do not wait in the aisle.

As you approach to drop off your student, please pull up as far as allowable in the zone. The drop-off lane is single file. Once your child is on the sidewalk, please exit by pulling forward or pulling to the left and exiting the south entrance. Students need to enter the doors by the cafeteria and proceed to a table. CWMS Staff will be on hand to assist.

Please be careful and be attentive as there will be a number of people being dropped off and using the crosswalks. CWMS Administration and teachers will be on-site to help guide parents and students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure:

Middle School students should be picked up in the afternoon in the front of the school, in the same manner, they were dropped off in the morning. Drivers need to pull all the way forward and wait for the students to exit the building. Once you have your student, carefully pull into the left lane to exit the grounds. When a car in front of you exits, please pull all the way forward. If you see your student as you are pulling forward, continue to pull forward allowing the cars behind you to do the same, and have your student meet you when you have pulled all the way forward. We have a system in place to keep traffic moving.

If you choose to park in the lot, please do so and wait for your child to exit. Please do not wait in the aisle of the parking lot as we want to keep traffic moving. Again, thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Important Safety Note:

Under no circumstances should a Middle School student be discharged from the car anywhere except the designated drop-off areas which are anywhere along the sidewalk along the front side and the front of our building. Parents may park in the parking lot during morning drop-off and afternoon pickup times but will need to exit the parking lot using the “Parent Loop.”

General Rules for All:

• Drive as far up in the lane as directed - this can reduce everyone’s wait time significantly.

• Left lane is for passing only.

• Do not linger in drop-off/pickup areas to talk with children, parents, drivers.

• Have student’s backpacks, gear, etc. inside the car with them instead of the trunk to expedite exiting.

• Be respectful of all faculty/staff, maintenance support, security, parents, and students.

• Make it a Great Day! The choice is yours!

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