MS ELA and Social Studies Teachers

Summary of PD with Ashante Everett

Preparing Our Students for Success

Teachers discussed the implications of the new assessment and focused their attention on increasing DOK levels and increasing student engagement. Teachers were given a mini lesson on DOK that included understanding depth of knowledge and how it relates to the cognitive demand of students. In this session, teachers spent time identifying the DOK levels of questions on assessments and writing essential questions. Teachers agreed upon the expectations for the students and discussed ways to scaffold the learning for struggling students and extend the learning for students meeting the learning goals.


*Be careful when using the DOK wheel to create questions. Sentences that begin with the same verb can have different DOK levels.

*DOK 1 + DOK 1 + DOK 1 does not = DOK 3!

Teachers brainstormed ideas that would allow for their lessons to be centered around research-based practices such as designing instruction with the end in mind, scaffolding activities to prepare students for increasing levels of rigor, and integrating learning strategies that help students “learn how to learn”. All of this while keeping the students engaged.


*It is not necessary to forfeit the engagement for rigor.

*It is not necessary to forfeit the rigor for engagement.

*Students need both!