Cutler Needs to Lead

By: Danny Fitte

Jay Cutler and the Bears are four and seven. It has been a hard year for Bears fans. The Bears need a balanced attack with running and passing plays. A quote from Jay Cutler, "On game days there’s nobody in the league who’s going to throw the ball harder than I am.”

Jay Cutler throws hard but not good enough. The Bears head coach Marc Trestman was involved in the Bears losses too. Sometimes at the Bear’s games in Chicago the Bears win and sometimes they lose. The Bears losses make the Bears look very bad. It doesn't look like the Bears are going to win many more games. The Bears did a lot better last year than this year. The Bears were like this this season, lose a few win a few and then lose again. It doesn't look the Bears will win this week. The Bears probably will not

make it to the playoffs.

Jay Cutler should be fired because of the Bears losses. Last year backup quarterback was better than Jay Cutler. The Bears might be losing because Jay Cutler has diabetes. Jay Cutler is payed more money than most football players even though they are four and seven. And the Bears could fire the Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. Last year the Bears were expected to do well this year.

The Bears have good players like Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte but they still are not doing well. The Bears have not met their expectations.Things will change.