Albrecht Durer

Great Artist of the Renasissance

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Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremburg, Germany. He was the son of a goldsmith and he started working in his father's shop at an early age until he got his own shop. His earliest self portraits were drawn at the age of thirteen.


Durer painted many self portraits of himself, and created many works in wood. He traveled to Italy two times. His greatest achievement was his Great Passion art series, and the Four Horsemen. He was the most significant figure in the history of European art out side of Italy during the renaissance.

Impact on Today

Durer is an influence on pictorial and decorative arts. He has a copy of one of his lost works in the Historic Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

Interesting Facts

  • took two trips to Italy, one in 1494 and the other in 1505
  • worked for the emperor Maximillian
  • painted his most famous self portrait in 1500
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"I, Albrecht Durer of Nuremburg painted myself thus with undying colors at the age of twenty-eight years."