How U Don't Have Privacy

Big Brother is Watching You

What is "Media" & is it "Literate?"

Media, in my opinion is the compilation of news that circles our world today. This can range from a news broadcast to a video reedited and posted onto YouTube. Media Literacy, however, isn't connected to mainstream media. It’s the abbreviations and conversations that take place on internet sites. So much of our interaction with others is now online and with people half way across the country or the world. Before now, people would take on a land-line and write letters to each other, which was time consuming. Now you can just shoot a message to someone and they will reply, hopefully within a couple of minutes. However, that is even more time consuming, because you spend about the same amount of time having a conversation with this person as you world writing a letter to him/her. It’s also the blogs and vlogs that people post to tell everyone about their lives, when sometimes we don’t really give a (Insert Word Here). Sometimes, there is so much data traveling around us that some of the stuff we just exclude and go back to see it later. We now live in an age where everything isn't what it seems. A new video on YouTube could be an older video with added sounds or effects. Nothing could be truly new or true. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy these, “reruns.” Everything online is meant for entertainment and connections to the rest of the world. If it weren't for the internet, we’d still be using the dinosaur of a land-line.

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Coke Ad

Coca-cola premiered its Super-bowl ad during the big game. It featured many different people singing, "America The Beautiful" in their respective language. It seemed logical that Coca-cola would release such an ad, seeing as much of it's profit is due to its international representation. The ad was meant to show how diverse the American people have become, a place where the oppressed come to start a new life. However, it was met not with laughter or crying, but with rage and anger of many conservative Americans shouting of "Multiculturalism."

Smart Phone Manufacturers Contemplate Replacing Mouths

Chris Julian

SILICON VALLEY, CA-With 2014 charging on many people are changing the way we talk to each other. Now its a lot easier to send a text to you friend sitting across from you then looking up and using words to describe you feelings. With the power of the internet in the palm of our smart phones, you can like and image of you sitting in a coffee shop taken by you date. WHAT GREAT QUALITY TIME. In fact, this system is so effective, both Apple and Samsung CEOs are considering altering the way we communicate. Now, whenever you go to purchase a smart phone, plastic surgery will be included. They'll have doctors remove those pesky mouths and replace them with straws for eating and drinking. They will also be adding extra limbs enable to allow customers to use more then one phone for different purposes all at the same time. When asked about this revelation, Apple CEO said, "The idea is amazing. To have the ability to text you friend happy birthday while at the same time watch a video about kittens is brilliant." Samsung CEO added, "With everything thing we know about phones and human anatomy, we could now make the mind into a phone it's self, just put a chip in you head and access the internet whenever you want."

"1984": A World We Could Be Apart Of

George Orwell's classic novel 1984 is the story of an oppressive government that watches every move of it's citizens. The book is very well written and shocking in terms of the technology and methods that, when compared to our world today, are very similar. The ending, however, is not what I was expecting, Winston, the protagonist, ends up allowing himself to be motivated into loving "Big Brother," the watchful leader of the nation Winston lives in. I personally loved the book and agreed with the message of not letting one group of people gain to much control over a country because of new technologies and such. If I had written it, I might of ended the book with Winston leaving Oceania and leading the Brotherhood or restarting it because I like those sort of endings.