Aggressive behavior

That causes physical or emotional harm to others, or threatens to it can range from verbal abuse to the destruction of a victim's personal property. Is intentional, meaning it’s done on purpose, violates social norms, and causes a breakdown in a relationship. Aggressive behavior is a problem because it occurs frequently or in a pattern
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Who will be the one

In the picture above they are fighting for mate. That way they could pass there genes down to the their babies. If they don't pass there genes they won't survival of his type of genes.
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Who will be Staying

In this picture they are fighting for a place to live. These two tigers are basically fighting for their place cause nobody wants to lay down in the hot sun all day long. They fight till some gives up on the place and the one that loses goes and lays in the sun looking for another place.
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Im hungry

This is a hungry lion running towards a kill that two cheetahs kill and are eating as fast as they could cause the lion is bigger than them and stronger than the cheetahs. Then the cheetahs leave there kill to the lion cause their lives ain't worth the kill so they leave. Food is important resource in the environment and for survival.
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Who will remain in Power

Every animal fights for the power of there pack to be the strongest the dominant one and the one that gets to mate with the females and pass there genes. Power in the pack is important thing to because you have everything you want its important for them to be the leader and protect others.