The Maycomb Hive

Rabid dog & Fire starting cat

By George Rand

Yesterday evening Tom Johnson Harry Johnson’s dog was shoot and killed. Harry had been away for few weeks and left the dog in the care or his brother Randy, who was announced missing three days ago. Harry in shock had no idea of the events that transpired that day and was in total disarray on his arrival, where his brother had promised to be there at his home. Randy lived the next county over and was convenient for Harry in that he made pick-ups and deliveries in the area. Little to Harry's knowledge Randy was a gambler, and in debt. With Randy needing money coupled with the various bite marks surrounding Tom's neck, leg, and shoulders police have concluded the theory that Randy had taken Tom to the notorious dog fights in Manus County. Such fights have been going on for the past few months but investigators have yet to find the secret location and with Randy still suspected the police figure finding him will grant them the ticket they need to find and shut down the operation.

Feline Fire starter

By Irean Houseler

Weeks from yesterday the homestead of Mrs. Maudie a beloved neighbor was set ablaze by her wood iron stove, or so the town has thought. Out of state investigator Robert Vanda pulled samples and photos of the investigation stating, "I feel there’s more too it". With his extensive research poured into the incident investigator Vanda was able to find the town stray cat Miles guilty. But with no real or credible evidence and the copious man hours used up in his "findings" investigator Vanda was placed on suspension and sent to take mandatory psychological evaluations before returning to the force or work of any kind. The moral that lies her is that you don’t mess with a cat… you’ll never win.