Salesmen and The Tipping Point

By Landon Stumbaugh, Daija Porter, Dylon Garrett

Examples of good salesmen in our current time.

A good example of good salesmen in our world today are agents. A good example is a Statefarm agent. There commercials Persuade use that they are just like a good neighbor and they will be there. generally when we think of a neighbor we think of a person that we can rely on. so there commercials make us want to purchase there insurance because there reliable.

Our leaders are actually good salesmen.

What makes us elect our leaders (in this case presidents) are because of there traits. What makes us like people is the way they act. Presidents are very persuasive in what they believe in. There commercials for example are to make us believe that they are right and the person there running against is wrong. Another example is when a president makes a speech. There speeches are very powerful and make us believe in what there pushing for.

Some of our best salesmen in the world.