Mi Vida en Venezuela


1. What would your family income be in VENEZUELA? (Assume your parents had the same job titles in VENEZUELA). (if you don't want to include numbers, you can just say what percent difference it might be - lower or higher)

My father's income would be 78% less!
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2. What city and neighborhood would you live in (pick according to your preference and/or parent's job)?

My father would work at Venezuela's oil and gas company, PDVSA. One of the headquarters is in Caracas, so we would live in Caracas.
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3. What type of dwelling would your family live in (consider income)? How much would rent or your house cost? - make the amount spent comparable to the percentage of income your family spends here.

We would live in a two story home. It costs about $400,000 US dollars.
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4. How many cars would your family have? What types of cars? If you have a driver's license here, would you have one there? What transportation would you use to school and to other activities?

My mom would drive a Chevrolet aveo. My dad would drive a Chevrolet optra, and my brother/I would share a Ford fiesta. I would get my license there, so that I could drive to school.

5. Where would you go to school?

I would attend Colegio International de Caracas, a private school in Caracas.
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6. What classes would you be taking? What would your schedule be?

I would take the regular core classes (Math, Science, & History), but my school also offers other types of classes. Thus, I would take a visual arts class and a Spanish class. My school day would start at 8 and end at 4. However, several days in the year we get out early (1 pm). Also, we a very long Christmas break from December 16 to January 10.

7. What extracurricular activities would you be involved in?

My school provides students with the opportunity to work on a challenging project of their choosing on their own. The "personal project" program will take a good bit of my time as it requires students to find an individual project to set out on and work on a report. Also, I would pick up golf as a sport.
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8. What activities would you do with your friends after school? What about on weekends?

I would hang out with them outdoors because it is so pretty! We could go hiking, paragliding, zip lining, etc. However, I would probably just go hiking on the weekdays, and then, do all the other fun things while camping on the weekends! Also, Venezuela has many monuments and historical aspects, so I would go to those museums to learn more.

9. Which church would you attend?

I would attend The United Christian Church.
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10. What would your typical meals be ? (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

To embrace the Venezuelan lifestyle, I would refrain from buying American foods at the grocery store, and I would eat what most Venezuelans eat. For breakfast, I would eat a small pastry (ex: Cachitos de Jamon), juice, and a small piece of chocolate because Venezuela is one of the leading producers of cacoa beans. Lunch would be the largest meal, and it would include tradition Venezuelan dishes and international cuisine. For dinner, I would eat a lighter and smaller portion of lunch. I would also eat a light snack after school. Some foods I would enjoy eating are the following: Arepa stuffed with meat (lunch/dinner), Cachitos de Jamón (breakfast/snack), Empanadas (lunch/dinner), Lengua de Res (lunch/dinner), Perico (breakfast), Dulce de Leche (dessert), Quesillo (dessert), and more!

11. Where would your family shop for groceries?

We would shop at Sigo SuperMarket. It has lots of different types of products, and it also has a pharmacy. This supermarket fits my family's needs, and it resembles to what we are used to here in the United States.
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12. Where would you shop for clothes? Do they cost the same there? (more? Less?). What would you wear to school?

I would shop at Volcom and Tobi for clothes. Since I wear a uniform to school, I would not have to worry about what to wear to school. The clothes cost more there, especially at Tobi. For example, the same shirt costs $3 in America, but it costs 40 Venezuelan bolívar.

13. Who would be a national celebrity you might like?

I would like Miguel Cabrera. He is a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers.
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14. What type of music would you hear? (include a sample on a link with sound).

I would listen to joropo music.
El Gavilan (Joropo)-VENEZUELA

15. Where could you go on vacation? (within the country)

We would go to Margarita Island.
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