3rd Grade Newsletter

February 22, 2016

What are we learning about this week?

Reading/Writing: Tall Tales/Fables/Myths/Legends

We will continue this unit for the next two weeks.

- Analyze and draw conclusions about themes

- Listen to stories and read stories that reflect the different origins(different versions of Cinderella for example)

- Compare and contrast the settings and identify the author's purpose

- Explain how the character changes in the story

Please feel welcome to bring your favorite tall tale, folktale, etc. This is a very fun unit and the students seem to enjoy it every year as well!

Aesop's Fables

Babe the Blue Ox-Tall Tale

Antonyms and Synonyms: Antonyms are two words that have opposite meanings. Ex: hot and cold, in and out Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning.

Science: "Our Place in Space" Students will identify planets in the solar system and construct models to determine patterns and relationships between Earth, Sun and Moon. This week we will delve more into information about the planets including their size and distance from the sun.

Solar System Student Site - They will need their Google login.


Math: Unit 5 returns to the study of multiplication, especially as it relates to division. Students again build arrays, but use them to model and solve division as well as multiplication problems. Story problems play a major role in the first two modules, helping students to connect their everyday experiences with division to more formal mathematical concepts. As they solve and pose story problems, students encounter two different interpretations of division—sharing and grouping—and have numerous opportunities to build understandings of both.

Family Newsletter and Resource

What is an array?

Division Race

Repeated Sets Game

Multiplication Game

STAAR Night Powepoint- https://www.smore.com/s89fr


Spelling: Spelling Task 20

Core Words: room, sea, against, top, turned

Spelling City

Read 80 minutes and record in your planner

Fables- This is 5 pages, but the questions are only one page(6 questions). If you want to save paper, have your child read the fables off of the computer. Only the answers have to be turned in.

Math: Multiplication Practice
PACE: Multiplication Practice

Division and Multiplication


Math Fact Record Sheet- Please practice AT LEAST 30 minutes a week and record on this sheet. Please show this to your math teacher every Friday.

Math Fact Game

Important Dates

Monday March 14th Spring Break Starts!!

Friday March 25th Student-Teacher Holiday

Tuesday March 29th STAAR 4th Grade Writing Test and

STAAR 5th Grade Math Test

Wednesday March 30th STAAR 5th Grade Reading Test

** Remember that third grade STAAR isn't until May.

** No Outside Visitors on Test days