Laura Secord

All About How She Was Involved In War Of 1812

Laura Secord's Date Of Birth And Death Date

Date Of Birth-September 13th 1775

Date Of Death-October 17th 1868

Laura Secord's Place Of Birth And Place Of Death

Place Of Birth-Great Barrington , Massachusetts

Place Of Death- Niagara Falls

Laura Secord's Occupation

She was a inn keeper and mother of seven.

Laura's Children

She had five children four girls Mary, Charlotte, Harriett and Appolonia as well as one son Charles.

What Was Laura Secord's Role In War Of 1812

How she made a difference in 1812 was she warned the British Army of the attack that the Americans plan to attack at Fitzgibbon.

Why should kids learn about this person?

kids should learn about this Laura

because she is an inspiring person and helped the british army win war of 1812.