4th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

Happenings in 4th Grade Science

We are still learning about ecosystems and how living things get energy. In groups, students created travel posters for different ecosystems.
We did an experiment in which students mixed yeast and water and then added sugar. They were able to see that the yeast used the sugar because the yeast became active and produced bubbles.
Yesterday we completed a Venn Diagram that compared animals that are Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.
Later in the week students will learn how food webs are connected.

Map Testing

I have started reviewing, in class, information that students may encounter on map testing.
I have also begun making a set of quizlet cards for students to use in class and at home.
I will continue to add cards as I have time. Using the cards at home is optional for students.
The link for that is http://quizlet.com/58857434/4th-grade-map-study-cards-flash-cards/.

Important Dates

November 17 - 21 - Book Fair
November 24- 28 - Thanksgiving Break
December 1 - Science Fair Project Due