Uglies - By Scott Westerfeld.

Runaways, Self-esteem, Perfection

The Uglies

Tally Youngblood, an ugly waiting for the day where she can finally be "pretty." As an ugly pulling pranks is a common hobby in her town called Uglyville. However, when Tally meets Shay, as she was sneaking out of New Pretty Town, they meet and become instant trickster friends. Although, Shay has different plans for her 16th birthday, instead of being "pretty." She wants to runway to a place called The Smoke. A place where everyone's equal. Tally finds herself in a sticky situation with the Special Circumstances, where she has to choose whether to turn "pretty" while betraying her friend, or stay ugly forever.


The kids of the Smoke are all runaways. Not want to be pretty wanting to stay and be themselves. Runaways is apart of our book because if the the uglies of Uglyville don't like the way of their government is run they runaway to the Smoke for a better life. This has to deal with modern times with kids running away in the heat of the moment. Just because something went awry.

  • 47% of runaways conducted that conflict between them or their parent is a major problem.
  • 80% or runaway girls reported having been sexually or physically abused.
  • 34% of overall runaways reported sexual abuse before leaving home.
  • 43% of runaways (Boys&Girls) reported physical abuse before leaving home.
  • 12% of runaways spent at least one night outside, in a park, on the street, under a bridge, or on a rooftop.
  • 14% of runaways on the street traded sex for money, food, shelter, or drugs.
  • 32% of runaways have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.
  • Three things are needed for kids to runaway: the ability, the willingness, and opportunity


In the book The Uglies there is very low amount of self-esteem. Every single person in Uglyville are told to believe they are ugly, even getting "ugly" nick names. Separating themselves unwilling by their looks.

  • If you are displeased with yourself mentally and physically, you are falling into two traps: perfectionism and self drowning.
  • Give up on the idea of being perfect.
  • If you keep trying to pursue the dream of being perfect you will see yourself far from it.
  • Possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationship.
  • Self-esteem can have a big part in how you feel about yourself and also how much you enjoy things or worry about things.
Self -esteem isn't about bragging, it's about getting to know what you are good at and not so good at. A lot of us think about how much we like other people or things, but don't really think much about whether we like ourselves.





1. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect.

In the town of Uglyville, the citizens consider the people of New Pretty Town as the definition of perfection. "Uglies" only dream to be "pretty" and perfect. Awaiting their 16th birthday, for their first "pretty" operation to take place and be like the people on New Pretty Town.

  • Role models drilled into them that the idea that they are only as valuable as their achievements.
  • Perfectionism is a virtue to be extolled definatley.
  • Perfection tends to have two components: a positive side including things like setting high standards for yourself. A negative side, deleterious factor feeling pressure in being perfect.
  • For some people, the purpose of life seems to be to attain perfection.
  • People with high scores of perfection have a 51% risk of death compared to people with low scores.

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