Death of Marilyn Monroe

by Alex Chavez

Marilyn Monroe Dies at 36

Marilyn Monroe was a famous movie actress in the last 40's through the early 60's. She's famous for playing "dumb blonde" characters and was seen as a sex-symbol all throughout America. On August 5, 1962, she was found lying naked in her bed having died of a barbiturate overdose. The Los Angeles police concluded that it was a suicide and that it was a self-administered overdose. Marilyn Monroe had been struggling with depression since her two miscarriages she had endured while married to Arthur Miller. She was also known to abuse drugs while in her depression and talked to her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, daily.

Media Portrayal

Many believed that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the CIA because she was seen as a threat to the nation. She had written in her Red Diary that she had affairs with both JFK and Robert Kennedy. A week before she died, a mobster was hired by the Kennedy administration to make sure she didn't create any problems. She was drugged and had compromising photos taken of her, so that they could be used for blackmail. She knew many secrets from which she gained while she was having an affair with Robert Kennedy. She was very sure her phone had been bugged, became very paranoid, and started to bring coins with her everywhere she went for payphones.

Media Portrayal

Others believe it was her suspicious housekeeper who had killed Marilyn Monroe. Her original story was that she claimed to have knocked on Marilyn's door at midnight and called the psychiatrist right after. The police hadn't arrived until 4:30 AM. On the night she had died, Eunice Murray, her housekeeper saw a light under Monroe's door and assumed her mistress was find at around 10 PM. Her housekeeper went to sleep assuming everything was fine, later she awoke at 3 AM "sensing that something was wrong." The light was still under Monroe's door but she couldn't get a response and found that the door was locked. She called her psychiatrist and the police arrived at 4:30 AM, they noticed that Monroe's bedding linen had been changed and Murray was washing dirty ones. It's suspected that it was to wash away any forensic evidence that could suggest to foul play. Murray had quickly traveled to Europe shortly after her death, no one knew where she got the money for the trip which might suggest it had something to do with Monroe's death.

Media Bias

Many people refuse to believe that Monroe's death was either a tragic accident or a suicide. They either believe that she was killed by the Kennedy's or her housekeeper. Her Red Diary suggests to her fans that the first theory might be startlingly true. After she was rejected by both JFK and Robert Kennedy she was going to reveal her affairs with them to everyone, but she unfortunately didn't live long enough to do so. This led people to believe most of all the Kennedy's were behind her death.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe


This has historical criticism as it was something that has happened in American history. She was famous in America for being a gorgeous movie star. She had ties to many other powerful people like the Kennedy's who are also famous in history for being directly involved in our politics. Her death shocked many fans and added onto to the tragedy of many famous icons dying in the 60's.


This could also have feminist criticism as she was a very famous woman in our history. The two marriages she had when she was famous had been failures for her. John DiMaggio became very jealous of her and smacked her around after her famous flowing skirt pictures. He could have been jealous as she was a very famous, beautiful woman. He just couldn't believe she could be committed in a relationship as men perceive women as being sluts and just jumping from one man to another. He got so bad that he even began to follow her to other people's houses, she soon ended their marriage after that. Arthur Miller, her second husband, also soon began to hate her and they started fighting frequently until their marriage ultimately ended.