Grade One !

What is happening in February!

Classroom News

Happy Heart Month!
Predictions are one of the many reading strategies that the students are learning in Grade One. We have been working very hard this past month on making predictions based on pictures and the meaning of the text. When working on this strategy the students' predictions do not have to be correct all the time. What is important is that they base the prediction on the meaning of the text or picture. Your child should be able to state how they based the prediction. After predictions will we be moving onto the Retell comprehension strategy. In Mathematics we will finishing up our Geometry Unit with learning about symmetry and location and then moving onto learning about Fractions a whole, 1/2, and 1/4.
On February 13th we will be having a Valentine's Party. Donations of healthy food for the party is much appreciated. Thank you to the parents who sent food donations for the Holiday Party. The students will be making Valentine card holders for the Valentine cards they will be receiving.

Report Cards will be coming home on February 18th. This past term, I have been sending home your child's work with the Rubric and the level of student achievement. If you wish to meet about the report card you can e-mail me and we can set up a time to meet.

The following donations would be greatly appreciated.

  • milk or bread bag tags ( we use these in math)
  • tissues as we go through 3 boxes a week (must be the weather)
  • Lego that you do not want to use anymore
  • wooden blocks
  • buttons

Thank you for sending in the bread tags and tissue for our class to use.

February Overview

Classroom Schedule
Day 2 Drama with Ms. Spring

Day 3 Health with Mrs. Thomas

Day 4 Gym with Mr. Blaser and Music with Mrs. Broughton

Day 5 Library and and Art

Ongoing Activities
Tuesday and Thursdays: Popcorn and Cookie sales
Wednesdays: Pizza Lunch

February 5: National Sweater Day

February 9:Brown Bag Book Swap

February 13: Red and White Spirit Day Valentines Party in the afternoon

February 16: Family Day

February 18: Report Cards go home

February 19: School Council Meeting


We are learning how to retell a story.

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Fraction Flip Books

We are learning that a whole can be broken into parts.

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The Character Trait for February is Initiative

Curriculum Corner

Learning Target:
1. We are learning how to use different fix up strategies to help us read and understand unfamiliar words.
2. We are learning to retell the important parts of a story we have read.

3. We are learning to ask meaningful questions before, after, and during reading.

Learning Target:

1. We are learning to write the steps on how to do or make something (procedures).

2. We are learning to read our writing and make changes.

3. We are learning how to present our writing.

4. We are learning how to tell what we are good at and what we need to do differently next time.

5. We are learning to identify words in a book that help to create an image in our minds.


Number Sense
Learning Target:
1. We are learning that a whole can be broken into parts.

2. We are learning to solve problems using numbers.

Social Studies

Learning Target:
1. We are learning about the people and places in our Community.

Learning Skills
1. I can complete class work and put it on Mrs. Craig's desk.
1. I can choose what is the most important task to finish first.
1. I can show that I am curious and interested in what I am learning.
Independent Work
1. I can follow the teachers' instructions.
1. I can do my share of the work.
1. I can use the success criteria to check my work or task.


Recommendations for Parents

I have been asked by many parents to recommend apps that will support learning in the classroom. Please see below.