Wildcats Weekly

Week of 12/7

Holiday Party

We will be celebrating the holidays as a team on 12/18 which is an early release day. Students will be inventing their own holiday through a creative writing assignment. This assignment will incorporate skills that were required this semester in all core classes. Students are encouraged to dress in accordance to the holiday they have created and bring snacks to share with their 7th period! If you would like to donate a snack, please have them bring it to their 7th period teacher during homeroom before class has started any day during the week of 12/14.

We will also be collecting small, new gifts to donate to the Durham Rescue Mission. These will be given to local kids whose families are unable to afford Christmas gifts this year. We will have ornaments from the Durham Rescue Mission charity tree hanging in Ms. Eddy's classroom. Each ornament will have a request for a gift that students can take home. If you would like to donate a gift, please bring it to your homeroom teacher during the week of 12/14. If you wrap it ahead of time, please include a sticky note telling what is inside. If you have any old wrapping paper, please send that in as well.

We greatly appreciate your donations!


In Language Arts, we are working on writing arguments. There is a passage of the week due next Thursday. We have also started working on unit 3 vocabulary. There will be a vocabulary quiz on December 17th. I am still missing a few permission slips for the unit 3 novels. Please order your books as soon as possible to allow for shipping, especially around the holidays!


In Science we are finishing up our weather unit. We have a guest speaker Tuesday that is talking to the whole 7th grade about storms, shelters, and his storm chasing experiences! We will begin our cross curricular group project on storm shelters later this week and into next week. This will be a large assignment for the quarter.

Social Studies

This week we will continue to work on the Industrialism, Imperialism, and Nationalism unit. We will have a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday. The test for this unit will be December 16. Start studying notes now. Also, thank you for everyone that donated Hershey kisses for the activity.


Math 7 - This week we are continuing with writing, solving and graphing inequalities. There will not be a mid-way quiz for this particular unit. Look for the Unit 4 Test to be on Tuesday 12/15.

Math 7+ - We are finishing up Unit 4. Students are working on a study guide for homework that is due on Wednesday. We will test on Thursday 12/10. In out next unit, we will be studying ratios, proportions, slope of a line, and slope-intercept form of a line.