Southeast Spotlight

May 2016

New Additions to Our Education Staff!

Our academic education staff continues to grow! We will interview soon for the new regional instructional technology staff members. We've also added three new full time teacher positions to our region. Those individuals will be named at the same time as the technology specialist.

In case you were wondering about who is who in academic education, here is a list that represents our organizational chart. Thanks to SW Principal Heather Vickers for making this list for us AND for reminding me how much I love SMORE for sending out information! This is so much faster than those newsletters I sent before...

Assistant Commissioner- Dr. L.C. Buster Evans

Deputy Director- Anthony Jenkins

Director- Steve Edwards

Area Principals- SW: Heather Vickers; SE: Jennifer Irvin; N: Cleo Griswould

Instructional Technology- TBA and SSPC- SW: Tonya Emmons; SE: Cheryl Spikes; N: Beverly Dorsey & Steve Smith, SOTC: Uzoma Anadu

Teacher Selfies Needed!

Wardens--most of your teachers haven't submitted their selfie to be used at the teacher conference. Some may be having trouble making the connect between a picture they have OUTSIDE of the facility and the ability to email it to me. Will you PLEASE snap a picture of each of your teachers with your phone and email or text it to me if you have not already done it? Thanks!!

Here's mine...from a year ago! I need one from everyone ! Wardens and DWs--you can send me one of you as well for our region meeting if you would like...

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Southeast GEDs

As of May 31, the southeast region has earned 349 GEDs!

Wheeler 56

Coastal 48

Rogers 28

Jenkins 27

Smith 25

Emanuel WF 21

Washington 21

GSP 19

Hancock 18


Montgomery 14

Long 12

Treutlen PDC 10

Women's PDC 8

Emanuel PDC 7

Effingham CI 6

Bacon PDC 5

Appling ITF 4

Bulloch CI 3

Richmond CI 2

We have SURPASSED our goal of 1000 GEDs for the state!

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Having A Graduation?

These graduations are scheduled for June 2016.

June 17--Georgia State Prison

June 29--Washington State Prison

June 30--Emanuel Women's Facility

Send me your date as your plan your graduations!

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GDC Annual Teacher Conference

Tuesday, June 21st, 7am to Wednesday, June 22nd, 4pm

240 Coliseum Drive

Macon, GA

Mission Possible...

Congratulations. You've been selected to attend a top secret conference for only the best agents in the state of Georgia. This conference serves to not only better agencies and their designated facilities, but to also reward them for hard work and improvement.

Have you paid your GED bills?

If you have not received and paid ALL invoices from Pearson Vue and your technical school for this fiscal year, you need to do so immediately. See iReceivables link above to set up a link to download your own Pearson Vue invoices.

Contact Us!

Jennifer Irvin

SE Area Principal


Cheryl Spikes

Social Services Program Consultant