Tavon Austin

By: Cbreezy

Who is Tavon Austin?

Tavon Austin is from Baltimore Maryland and born on March 15 and currently still alive.

His High school years

In high school he wasn't a a very big person. Tavon austin is 5'9 and 175 pounds. He attended Paul Laurence Dunbar high school in Baltimore Maryland. He played running back and as a senior he 2,600 yards rushing on 218 carries and 34 touchdowns. Becuase of his size people doubted him but he used that as motivation and( is now saying to young players size dont matter)!!

College Career

Tavon Austin really took off in game 1st game of his college. He scored 1 touchdown against East Carolina. Iknow that doesn't seem like a big thing but he started and played first string over some seniors.

Why he is my Role Model?

Well first off he has good field swag.. Tavon Austin always wanted to play wide receiver when he in high school but he never got a chance because his coach thought he was too small so he had to play running back. And he was really good at running back but it wasn't his passion, he wanted to play receiver. In college he played receiver and a little bit of running back and also kick return. He is my role model because he doesn't give up and shows on the field that size don't matter.

The N.F.L Draft

Tavon Austin has recently entered went to the combine and is waiting to be drafted. With that amazing senior season he had he is definatley going to the nfl. And I strongly agree that he is a all around player and the best player in the draft.
Tavon Awesome (Tavon Austin Junior Highlights)