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October 14, 2016

Time to Celebrate!

Today was an extra exciting day for The Age of the Golden Hamsters. Not only did our kiddos get to show off their fanciest outfits for Picture Day and play at Fort Greene Park, but they also got to place that final marble in the Marble Jar...which means....WE EARNED OUR HAMSTER!!!! Next week, Mrs. Abetti and Ms. Edwards will find the perfect golden hamster to join our classroom. The past two weeks have been filled with such fun and excitement. The final member of our classroom joined us after she returned from Mexico, and with Celine back, we are now complete.
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Children's Rights

We have continued our conversations about Children's Rights, and our compassionate friends watched the same video that we played for parents at Back To School Night about Syrian refugee children unable to attend school, as well as another video about children working in gold mines in Western and Central Africa. Our students are beginning to understand that some children's rights can be violated, and that the rights that children have need to be protected. We discussed the word "violation," and have defined it as "a failure to comply with or respect what rightfully belongs to someone." Our students have had open forum conversations about what they noticed in the videos and whether or not it was fair or just. This led us to discussions about children who have worked to protect children's rights, including Malala Yousafzai, Neha Gupta, and other winners of the International Children's Peace Prize. Please take some time to explore the website below, keeping in mind that many of the topics may need to be screened before being shown to students. Many of our deep thinkers have begun to ask "What can we do to help children whose rights are violated?" Questions like these will lead us closer to discussions about Activism in preparation for our field trip to the Activist New York exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, coming up on November 14th. Please email us at if you are interested in chaperoning this trip. We only have three spots open, so act fast!

Important Dates

Saturday 10/15-Greenlight Bookstore Fundraiser begins!

Monday 10/17 and Thursday 10/19-MAP Testing

Thursday 10/20-2nd Annual BPCS Concert & Fundraiser

Thursday 10/27-3rd Grade Parent Coffee

Friday 10/28-October Birthdays Celebration

Monday 10/31-Halloween Parade

Fun and Learning in 3C!

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Read, Baby, Read!

Over the past two weeks, our expert readers have been learning about and practicing skills they can use to understand challenging texts along with reading our class book for the term, Stone Fox. First, we learned about how to facilitate comprehension checks by asking ourselves "Who is in this part?", "What just happened?", and "Does this link to something else I've read or is this new?". Following this lesson, we learned about how authors write scenes in fiction texts for different purposes. In some instances, a text allows readers to make a movie in their mind based on the character's words, actions, and responses to his or her setting; at these times, the author is asking the reader to envision the scene. In other instances, an author will provide information that is necessary to the story, but that does not involve the character's actions. When the text no longer allows readers to make a mental movie, our reading experts know that they need to shift gears and gather information. Lastly, we discussed how to make high-level predictions by taking into consideration what has happened already in the text, thinking about how fiction stories tend to go, and by empathizing with and understanding the characters. After doing this, we discussed predicting not only what will happen, but also how it will happen and providing the reason why we think this based on text evidence. We have no doubt been busy growing our brains, and making predictions about what will happen next for Little Willy, Searchlight, and Grandfather, our three beloved characters from Stone Fox.

A Note about "Book Buddies:

A few parents have asked for clarification about the Book Buddies. Students are permitted to borrow classroom texts and keep them in their Book Buddies this year. . Inter-class Lit Blocks will begin next week, so students will be taking their Book Buddies with them to their Lit Block classroom so that they have books for Independent Reading. Students MAY take their Book Buddies home if they would like to continue reading their borrowed books at home, but they do not have to. If students take their Book Buddies home, we ask that they complete their Reading Log from their homework packet at home still, and leave the Book Buddy Reading Log for their reading within school. Book Buddies should be returned to school every day if students choose to take them home. Students are encouraged to read "power books" this year that may be more challenging than "Just Right" books. This way, they can apply the skills they are learning in their Reading class and become more active readers! However, we do not discourage students from reading Just Right books when they are up for an enjoyable and relaxing read. We hope this helps clarify any confusion surrounding the Book Buddies!

Spotlight on Writing

3rd grade writers were hard at work this past week and a half during Writer's Workshop! 3rd graders learned how to revise their writing by grouping related sentences into paragraphs. We discussed that paragraphs help to keep our writing organized just like book bins help to keep our library organized. The students focused on starting a new paragraph when time has moved forward (beginning, middle, and end) in their narratives. Students also noticed that there might be a new setting in each paragraph (ie: home --> park --> car).

After students learned strategies to revise their writing, they were put to the test! The 3rd graders were challenged to start a new narrative by becoming their own job captains. Students were expected to make their own writing plan by using all that they learned in writing class so far. Each student's writing plan was unique, but all reflected strategies we've learned in the past month and a half of school. We were proud to see students taking ownership of their writing and becoming stronger and more independent writers!

Mathematicians on a Mission

Your third grade mathematicians spent the past week and a half learning how to make multiplying and dividing easier by exploring two multiplication properties. First students were introduced to the Commutative Property of Multiplication. After working with arrays and their related multiplication equations, students determined that the Commutative Property allows us to switch the factors in a multiplication sentence and still get the same product (or total). They reasoned that using the Commutative Property can make multiplying easier because you can switch a harder factor with an easier factor. For example, 5 x 7 can be switched to the easier 7 x 5 because it's easier to skip count by 5s than 7s. The second property students were introduced to was the Distributive Property of Multiplication. Observing the property through arrays, students discovered the Distributive Property allows us to break a harder multiplication problem into easier multiplication problems that we can solve and add their products to find the original total. For example, instead of trying to find 7 x 3, because 7s and 3s are both harder to multiply, we could break down 7 into 5 and 2 and do 5 x 3 and 2 x 3. 2s and 5s are much easier to multiply, and then all that is left is to add the products. It's been amazing to see these third graders take on these two challenging concepts and light up when it all comes together!

Dance With Ms. Siby

What if you were told you would no longer be taught in a language you understand? This happened to a group of South African students over 30 years ago. In dance, we are exploring these students’ stories and how they fought for their right to learn in their native language, through a musical, yet to be revealed to 3C. Do you happen to know the name of this musical?


Hello!!!!!! October :)

Exciting news coming to you from COACH M

We were selected to participate in a NEW YORK ISLANDERS sponsored event where they are going to provide us with a two week curriculum on a modified hockey game called "Floorball". We will take a break from project adventure for 2 weeks starting on October 24th and take part in this fast and fun hockey activity.

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A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

The 3rd Grade Chemists have been learning about the tools and skills they will need to really grow as Scientists. They've been measuring liquids using beakers and graduated cylinders, recording their data in milliliters. They've been finding the mass of various Science learning tools using a pan balance, recording this data in grams. They've done deep thinking about the difference between mass and weight. They've explored the variety of densities that liquids can have by layering a rainbow of corn syrup, honey, water, lamp oil, and rubbing alcohol. The payoff for all this hard work: SLIME! By taking good care of the Science materials, they earned a one-way ticket to Slime Town. The recipe is attached, in case you need more slime. :)
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OMG !! ART !!

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Grade Three Artists are Off and Running — They Love our New Studio!

Grade 3 Artists kicked the year off with an investigation of Prisma, a new IPad photo app that introduces folks to the history of ART. With the press of a button, you can transform a photo using a filter inspired by Hiroshige, or Mondrian, Picasso or Degas. Check it out! It’s so much fun.

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In preparation for Anytime, Anywhere, artists are currently been investigating the history of clocks — and time travel. They are designing and building their own clocks. Past, present, and future! Enjoy!

Support your Artist and the Studio!

T O P - S E C R E T ! ! !
I'm planning to haunt the studio on Wednesday, Oct 26th. If you are interested in helping, please let me know! Thank you.

P S !

As you know, there’s so much art in NYC! Please spend time looking at art with your student. Consider collecting the following supplies (with your artist) for the studio: dryer lint, plastic bottle caps, corks, game pieces, buttons in bulk, tubes, etc. Here's to a great year!

Questions? Suggestions? Want to volunteer to help? Please email Many thanks!

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Anytime, Anywhere | Time Travel through Reading!!

Great to see you last Tuesday! We are so excited to travel in time with you all this year!

Mark your calendars! As Artist in Residence, I will help drive this adventure. Please understand: while the Specials Team leads the cultural aspects of our travel, all students and teachers will travel to every destination. You can contact me with ideas, questions, etc. or check in with your student’s core teachers.

Many thanks!!