Region Postcards

By: Maddi Summers

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Facts about The Gulf Coast Region

The Colorado and the San Antonio river run threw The Gulf Coast Region. There are 2 cites i want to point out to you they are College Station, home of The Fighting Texas Aggies and Austin, both are cites to check out. There a lot of plants in The Gulf Coast Region like corn and cotton. There several land forms to go see, but I'll just name two, first there are the plains a space where you can see everything as far as the eye can see, then theirs the crops if you fly above the region that's pretty much all you would see. What I did in The Gulf Coast Region was I went down to College Station and went to see a football game and watch the Aggies crush their opponent.
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Facts about The Mountain and Basin Region

The Rio Grande is the only river that goes through The Mountain and Basin Region. Two Major Cities that are in The Mountain and Basin Region are El Paso and Presidio. The Mountain and Basin Region of Texas has lots of desert land, meaning that some of the vegetation is cacti, mesquite and other desert plants. Some land forms of The Mountain and Basin Region, are mountains, and some basins. While I was in The Mountian and Basin Region I went to The home of the Texas Tech Raiders.