Mojave Desert EOL Alumni Immersion

October 8-15, 2016 - Mojave National Preserve

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A Week of Deep Nature Connection, Ritual, and Village Support in the Unique Ecology of the Mojave

As a graduate of the Ecology of Leadership, are you ready to join a small circle of EOL alums on a week-long immersion in the inspiring and expansive landscape of the Mojave desert?

Join us for our very first EOL nature immersion program.

This journey is an opportunity for EOL alums to gather in a beautiful and wild ecology for deep nature connection, reflection and ritual, and intimate group work, to support your current and emerging steps on the path of healing, leadership, and service.

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The Desert as Gateway to Being Nature

The desert is a unique ecology - majestic, expansive, spacious, raw, and essential.

Many people believe the desert to be empty and devoid of life, but it is in fact rich and full of life and diversity. We will be sharing the landscape with the kit fox, desert tortoise, golden eagle, coyote, prairie falcon, cactus wren and much more.

This is an opportunity to plug back in and to remember ourselves as an integral part of the natural world. When we spend more than a few days immersed in a wild landscape, our bodies recalibrate to that frequency and something powerful opens - new layers of healing, listening to our inner callings, clarity and connection to possibility.

In its raw, wild, even confronting nature, the desert calls forth a particular quality of presence and attunement, to find a line where there can be ease and grace and in which life can flourish. Immersing in this kind of environment awakens us - it awakens that presence and a deeper connection to life that we can then bring back into every aspect of our lives in the front country. The buffers are gone - walking through the desert, we must be awake in every moment. We are exposed, and with that we are called into transformation and our highest state.

If you haven't seen a desert sunrise or sunset, or viewed the desert night sky, or if it's been awhile, it is also an incomparable gateway to connect with our deeper cosmic origins and to remember that as nature we are also stardust.

The Intimacy of a Small Circle

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The village for this particular program will be limited to a maximum of 14 participants, and will be directly supported by James Stark, Christopher Kuntzsch and Katia Sol. This size of a circle, much smaller than an EOL 6-month program, will provide a nurturing and intimate container for our work together.

Our time in the desert will include a balance of time on the land, space for solo time and reflection, and time spent in our circle both as a whole group and in smaller configurations. We will have ample time for wandering, for simply being with the landscape. We will also take time to set collective intentions together and to hold one another in our various layers of healing and vision work. If we are out on the land for the day, we will come back together at night to share the stories of the day around the fire under the desert night sky.

The power of community in a setting like the desert is unique - here, we truly need each other and the potency of our mutual support becomes amplified. This kind of transformative experience, in the greater container of the desert, is likely to support the cultivation of lifelong bonds of trust, intimacy and connection.

Ritual Re-Membering & Solo Fast

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Many peoples around the globe have long used deserts as a place for spiritual connection, reflection, and for seeking guidance and vision for their paths.

We bring EOL to the desert with a similar intention - to embed our leadership and life work within a powerful natural container that is known to support deep personal reflection, healing, visioning, and a greater connection with life.

Recent cycles of EOL have seen an increasing inclusion of ritual - both as the circles have been calling for this, and also as the EOL leadership team members have each been deepening in their own ceremonial and vision fast work. We now take this work even deeper, with a focus on solo reflection time and ritual during this immersion in the Mojave.

The call to ceremony is a beautiful and potent opportunity to connect our service, leadership and vision, as individuals and as a collective, to a bigger source. However you conceptualize this Source - be it Spirit, God, love, the natural world, your own deeper intuition and knowing, or simply the very essence of life, we will ask the question of how we can source our visions and action from a much a bigger field of wisdom and inspiration.

Participants will have ample time for reflection, wandering, and visioning on the land. The program will also include a 2-day solo fast on the land in which participants will step across a threshold into an intimate experience of connection with themselves and their own Source.

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Personalized Support for Current and Emerging Steps

Together, the aspects of deep nature connection, an intimate circle of support, and solo reflection time and ceremony will integrally support you with your current intentions and in discovering the next steps on your life and leadership path.

In particular, the intimate nature of the circle will allow space for the leadership team to spend one-on-one time supporting each individual participant. Each participant will have the opportunity to be held in your own personalized journey and intentions by Katia, Christopher and James. This will include supporting and holding you in your intentions for your vision fast, and also one-on-one support for your healing work, your creative scenes and clarifying your north star.

Logistics and Registration

Date: Oct 8-15, 2016

Location: Mojave National Preserve

Contribution: $1695

- Limited to 14 Participants -


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Of course we know that you know us! But you may not know about some of our connections to the Mojave and to ceremony, so here we are including a few more glimpses about us that might be interesting to you.....and of course if we end up in the desert together we will learn a lot more about each other in that intimate setting!!!

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