April Newsletter

Feeling the Love

If all we can teach these littles by the time they leave our program is that Jesus loves them no matter what, then we consider that a success! We teach them not just through the songs they hear and the things we tell them, but also through our example and how we care for them.

As their parents we hope you feel our love as well. Not only are we here for the littles, but we hope you all know we are here for you as well. We at the ECC are a small part of the whole. We have an entire Parish Community full of that same love we have. If you find yourself in need, even if it's just a listening ear, please don't hesitate to stop one of us. We are here to serve you as well. If we can't help, maybe we can lead you to someone who can.


I sometimes hear, "I don't want to say anything because I don't want to seem like I'm complaining." Please say it. Say it when it happens, whether or not it seems trivial to you. I ask the teachers to do the same. Problems can be solved much easier when we have an open line of communication on both ends. Often times the "problem" is just a misunderstanding. Utilize Brightwheel often. It's our main form of communication and acts like your child's own file.

If you'd like to make a comment anonymously, feel free to drop a note in the tuition mailbox.

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Those who know me know I live by this. As a mother of 5 myself I've relied on my village to help raise my children. Lord knows where my husband and I would be without our village, many of whom are parishioners here at St. Mary's. They've been a lifeline not only to my husband and me, but to our children as well.

We at the ECC hope to be part of your village. But we can't do it alone. We need to be actively working with you to help your child along their journey. If you have a concern about how your child is progressing please communicate that with their teacher. You and their teacher can then have a discussion as to how we all can work to help the child progress. Even if it's just something as simple as starting to eat solids. Sometimes those smallest issues can be our biggest concerns. -Nina

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May Dates to Remember

  • May 3rd- Cinco de Mayo Fun & Pictures
  • May 10th- Crowning & Mass- Have your little at ECC by 8:00am or after 9:00am
  • May 10th- Parent's Night Out at the ECC
  • May 12th- Happy Mother's Day!
  • May 27th- Memorial Day- ECC Closed
  • May 28th- First day of Summer Care
  • May 31st- Parent's Night Out at the ECC
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Shoes- Closed Toe

Please send your littles in closed toe shoes. This makes it easier and safer for them to play outside. The two-year olds play on playground and when they have open-toed shoes the mulch gets in their shoes and makes it difficult and uncomfortable for them to play.

How many people does it take to take a picture of a baby with a bunny? Answer- LOTS!

Thank You!

HUGE shout out to our awesome staff (those not in the pics as well) for putting extra time, effort and energy into making our Easter festivities extra special for the littles!
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Cell phone Usage

So we have been a little back and forth at the ECC with cell phone usage in classrooms and I wanted to take a moment to help everyone understand where we are.

As you all know, Brightwheel is our main form of communication. Each class has an iPad that they use to document on BW. However, we have frequent internet issues that prevent teachers from always being able to connect to BW using the iPads. Documenting using cell phones is much more convenient and easier to access, so teachers have been allowed to use their phones for documenting purposes only.

During shift change, incoming teachers use Brightwheel to see where each child's needs may be (ex. need a diaper change, bottle, etc).

I've had parents come to me with concerns about seeing teachers on their phone when they come to pick up their kids. My hope is always that teachers are using their phones only for documenting, but we all know the addictive nature that cell phones have. I myself am guilty of becoming distracted when I'm with my own kids.

Our parish is in the process of an internet overhaul. We hope to see this problem resolved soon so that we can go back to only using iPads for documentation. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.

Classroom Ratio Rules

Ratios & Class Shifts

Above are the state guidelines for ratio of children to teachers. These are the guidlines that we must always maintain. On an average day this is not an issue. However, staff gets sick and emergencies happen. In the event that we are short staffed we have to do some shifting in order to stay in ratio and provide the best care possible for the children. As you can imagine, shifting can sometimes be tough. There's a lot of communication and work involved in the process- making sure the child remains on schedule, making sure they have their backpack, lunch, nap mats, informing parents, etc.

We do our best to familiarize the littles with all our staff so they feel comfortable with them in the event that they have to step in as a sub. We also work at familiarizing the littles with the next room up from them so they are comfortable with being in that room.

I've asked staff to make parents aware if their child is shifted to another room or will be picked up in a room different than the one they are dropped off at. If this isn't happening and/or if you have any concerns about any of this, please let me know.

Note- Tadpole, Frog, Ladybug & Caterpillar classes shift during opening & closing as needed. If there's ever an issue with this please let us know.

Brightwheel Calendar

We've updated our Calendar on Brightwheel. Please look it over and check it regularly. We will work on utilizing this tool more frequently and update as needed.
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