Miss Krueger's Kindergarten

November 13th, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you all for coming in!!! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanksgiving Feast - Nov. 25th

The kindergarten classes are going to celebrate Thanksgiving by having a mini-feast that day. To experience the joy of sharing, each child should bring an ingredient to make a batch of GORP (“Good Old Raisins and Peanuts”).

Suggestions: Pretzels, Cheerios or other unsweetened cereals, Raisins (plain or chocolate covered), Oyster Crackers, Fish Crackers, Chocolate Chips, M&M’s, Gummy Candy, or Animal Crackers.


This week, our theme was hibernation. The students hear the big book "Bear Snores On". All of Bear's friends come in to his den, but Bear still won't wake up! We focused on finding rhyming words and sight words they knew in the text. We also made sure to count how many words were in some sentences.

The kids also loved the new rhyming game involving hibernating bears. The students pretend that they're hibernating bears until they hear a pair of rhyming words. They then come out of hibernation and move around. And the cycle repeats itself over. They were doing very well with identifying rhyme and they seem to love it!


Our focus this week was putting sight words they already know into their writing.

Extra Recess Last Week! It was gorgeous out!

Theme: Hibernation

On Monday, we kicked of the week's theme by reading some non-fiction books on the subject matter. We did an animal sort for animals that hibernated, migrated, and stayed active during winter.

The student's made a bear project that shows bears just having woke up from hibernating and peeking out of their den.

Today, the kids completed a book to show where all the animals hibernate.

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We have continued to work on the tricky teen numbers. Many students are catching on!

Scholastic Book Order - Due Nov. 17th

There are a lot of great titles to choose from at low prices. Great if you want to start building a home library!

You can either order online or send checks payable to Scholastic.

If you want it to be a present, let me know and I will set up something so your child won't find them!

Upcoming Dates

November 17th - Scholastic Orders Due

November 25th - Thanksgiving Feast

November 25th - Early Release @ 1 PM

November 26th and 27th - Thanksgiving Break

Next Week

  • Thanksgiving
  • Letter Rr
  • Sight Words: is, in