War is Not the Answer

Anti War

Losing the Ones Who Meant the Most

Those who risked their lives for their country can be called heroes but what they went through no one should ever have to endure. There were the trenches, gas attacks, shell shock, bloody battles and so much more. What they went through was horrifying and unimaginable. Not only did the soldiers in the war die but also innocent citizens. There were war raids in peoples homes and villages killing millions of innocent people. With the soldiers and innocent civilians there were ten million deaths and twenty million deaths. The lost of the ones who meant the most is unbearable.

The Experiences

The soldiers faced hardships that no one could ever be prepared for. Imagine soldiers drowning in a sea of gas and all you can do is watch. You hear men yelling and screaming and for some those were their last words. Not only were there gas attacks that would scar people but shell shock. This would effect people both physically and mentally. All of the stories that the soldiers could tell should never tell to those who have a romanticized view because there was nothing positive about those stories. What they went through no human should ever have to.