Of Religion

what are symbols

What is the symbol of Christianity? The most common symbol of Christianity is the Christian cross, which symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Why are they used.

To represent something

Beliefs What does beliefs mean?

Beliefs are something that you believe in no matter what it is people have something that they believe in.

What is a beliefs

The Jewish Believe that God is one and is concerned with the actions of humankind


This is a picture of a roman Catholic Beliefs

Jesus Judaism

the believe that christ hasn't come


Rituals are repetitive actions occurs frequently


A ritual in Jewish

Social Structures

Social Structures is the power someone has, It is an order of importances

The pope

The pope is the top of the social structures

Sacred Texts

A book that is Holy such as the Bible. the jews call it Torah
In the Judaism sacred text are believed to be diorite word to god

Star of David

The star of david is the shape of a Hexagram. it has been Jewish symbols since the 17th centery

Ethics ( code of behavior)

like a set of rules

10 commandments

ethics in Christianity might be the 10 commandments