Hygiene on a Deserted Island

How to keep yourself clean and healthy while stranded

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Make Your Own Soap

In order to keep yourself clean on a deserted island, you have to take some kind of shower. In order to do this, collect water and heat it up by placing it over a fire. Or, if you prefer cold water, or don't have the materials to heat up water, you can take your bath in cold water. Make nature made soap with seashells, dried out seaweed or plant matter, and animal fat or greece.
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Brushing Your Teeth

You most likely won't have a toothbrush, or toothpaste on the island. In replacement, you can tear apart the fibers of a twig, or small stick and chew on it to keep your teeth strong and clean.
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Keep Healthy Drinking Water

If you have a clean supply of water, you should keep it in a container to keep out bacteria, and bugs that may get into it. If you have no fresh water, you can boil ocean water to kill all the germs and make it safe to drink. Also, make sure you designate your restroom area far from any source of clean water to avoid contamination.