5 Ways To Make A Good Impression!

Gabrielle E. Murphy

Be mindful of how you look to others.

Make sure the way you appear shows you in the best possible way. Prepare your appearance well ahead of time and put your best self forward!
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Be on time!

Nothing looks worse than being late, even by just a minute or two. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, accounting for any possible delays.
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Watch your body language!!

Your body language speaks volumes! Genuine smiles are a great influence on a first impression, as is eye contact. Stand tall and be proud of who you are!
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Stay Positive!

Don't vent about the things that happened earlier that made you angry or upset. Keeping a good attitude will help you make a great first impression.
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Begin the conversation!

You can put everyone at ease and make a great first impression by engaging in some small talk. Learn something about the person you are going to be talking with or the place they represent or simply ask "How has your day been?"