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May 20, 2016

Volume 3, Number 36

" "The greatest sign of success for a teacher. . . is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'" --Maria Montessori

What's happening, WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Nancy Rehling to Kaz Synal for all his years of dedication and hard work. BE THERE!

From Hope Bechtel to Lori Dixon for her amazing sense of humor and genuine care for students. I appreciate that she engages students and peers on a wide range of topics from Art to Ancient Egypt. I always feel encouraged being around this amazing person. Make Their DAY!

From Deb Connett to Chris Noel for making me laugh! Your humor is contagious. You put SMILES on faces!!! PLAY and CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE!

Curriculum Loft

Curriculum Loft is not going away. If you are housing your curriculum in another area, such as Google Classroom/Google Site, you need to put your link in Curriculum Loft. Joy Goshert needs to be able to access your curriculum in order to complete necessary state reports.


May 25 7th Period (6th grade presentation in Cafeteria) Kosciusko Tobacco Coalition

May 30 Memorial Day-No School!

May 31 Last Student Day (Grade Level Awards/8th Grade Trip to Paige's Crossing)

  • 8th Grade Awards 8:20 am
  • 6th Grade Awards 9:45 am
  • 7th Grade Awards 2:15 pm

June 1 Last Teacher Day! Lunch at 12:00 catered by Sleepy Owl

Summer Birthdays!


Cheryll Gibson 26th

Kari Knepper 29th

Alison Dailey 29th


Ruth Ayres 28th


Trent Beer 6th

Nita Johnson 7th

Tony Smith 22nd

Free IDOE Summer PD opportunities-IDOE PD SERIES: SUMMER LOVIN’, LEARNING, AND LEADING! Summer Professional Development Opportunities for teachers and school leaders!

The IDOE is pleased to offer regional summer professional development from our Subject Matter Experts! This half-day workshop will cover a variety of topics that will take participants on a deeper dive into their content areas. Breakout sessions include: Elementary ELA, Elementary Math/Science, Secondary ELA, Secondary Math, Global and World Languages, Secondary Science Standards, and Social Studies and will provide resources, techniques, and best-practices that teachers can immediately implement into their curriculum. Current administrators are invited to attend a special leadership workshop led by the division of Outreach Staff. Join us for a fun, fast-paced and engaging morning of learning and leading!



The Padagogy Wheel visual places the idea of motivation and capabilities at the center, which gets at one of its more compelling characteristics as a model – the meshing of technology, thinking, and student motivation. Many of the failures in #edtech are failures in #edtech integration, and frameworks like the Padagogy wheel attempt to clarify the relationship between “big picture” elements. Seeing the pieces–tablets, apps, learning goals, cognitive actions, etc.–and how they work together is everything. Without that vision, any bit of #edtech is limp and lifeless.


8 Pathways to Every Student's Success

Teachers who transform lives understand not only how to teach curriculum, but also how children develop into capable, caring, and engaged adults. They see beyond quantitative measurements of success to the core abilities that help students live healthy, productive lives.


Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Writing Prompt:

"What are you looking forward to this summer?"

From the Desk of .sJ

Please complete the following form for key inventory. Updating keys is a process that should be done every year. Not looking to take keys away, just knowing what we need, and what key cards to 'blow out'.


Finishing Spot #2

Here is another link to check out as we approach the last week of classes.

Finish the School Year Strong

Also, remember:

  1. Passes for students who leave your class. Do not have a student leave your class ‘passless’ to get a pass.

  2. ASE/ISS is not a study hall location. This area is for the office to use for discipline, and other issues.

School Safety Response #14

Last week’s School Safety scenario is about parent wanting another student’s locker. Obviously you as a staff member are in no way shape or form expected to help the parent, but you may be asked to assist Administration, if this were to become an issue. As a staff member, the first thing would be contact office. It would be best if you would be able to call the office to come where you are, but please do not leave the parent unattended. Administration will clear up from there. For your information, we would never take a parent, or a student, to another student’s locker. In a case like this one, we may ask for you as a staff member to go with us to the locker, to find any items that may be in dispute.

Have a great week,

Shawn J
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