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norfolk jr high

Nursery Rhyme

A cart ran away in the road. The man, the load and all the kings workers quit their job and all the men jumped onto the horses. They went high and went low and went to a house and found a five dollar bill. They took it to buy some checkers and cards to play poker. Whoever wins gets the dog and $100 dollar bill. When they left the house, the owner came back and saw that someone took his grey dog and $100, so he called the cops to look for the man who took his dog. When the cops found his dog and the man, they arrested him an took him to jail. The man took his dog back to his house and hooked the dog back up to his chain and put in a security system.


Wrestling is 15,000 years old. Wrestling was invented in 1899.

The first wrestling was done by Adams and his two sons. Some wrestling moves are headlock, twister, & single-leg. Wrestling is an individual & team sport. They organize you by weight. Wrestling is a fun sport.

movie rievew

Three groups are trying to survive two nights without dying. Each group is trying to survive against shooting. It's a game played every year and you try to survive in those three days. They are in a city. They try to hide, but the group they video tape gets caught. The white van & dirt bikes take the people video taping the games. It's a good action movie.


I'm going to Norfolk High School and I'm going to do wrestleing or football. I will do roofing for Rob Kment and go to college in Norfolk. I will get a degree in roofing. I am tall and skinny. I will have seven children and live in Omaha. I will be a good gamer and runner and I'll travel too. I will travel to Minnesota and get a house and live stream on Gmod.