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Media Lit

Media Literacy is the expression of media that goes on in a variety of different ways. In other terms it is a different way of saying something complex in the world and making it more interesting to comprehend by using print, making a video, or even the internet. There are some problems with media literacy. When something is put out on social media a form of media literacy, it spreads extremely quickly. If the wrong information gets out everyone could know about it within minutes or even seconds. People can also steal your ideas, your information, or even your identity. You don’t really learn anything when you quickly look something up on google. There is not any effort besides waiting on the browser to open. Everything that you see on the internet is not true. There is a lot of misleading information out there. This could also be very good. Media Literacy helps kids connect with what is going on in the world that normally you would not know about. It helps you be in touch with not only what goes on where you live but also what’s happening on the other side of the world. We as individuals are able to learn quicker at a young age about the basics of how the life works. How other people live and go about their life. Then on top of that you can connect with those people through social media whether that’s through pictures or texts on a timeline. You can relate to other people but at the same time see how different your life might be from a person on the other side of the country.

Social Networking

Social media reflection

Social media has become a big part of people's everyday lives. Now when little kids are learning the alphabet or how to count they use a tablet or a phone instead of books or even actual objects. I personally do not really care for things on social media because of I do not want a bunch of my stuff out on the web for everyone to see for the rest of my life. Social media has grown and will continue to grow as technology progresses. The thing is, is that what you put out on social media never goes away. Once something is out on the internet that does not disappear even if you cannot see it anymore. It will be there forever. You really do not have much privacy depending what you put on your profile. People could know everything about you without ever meeting you face to face. Which makes it easier to put out whatever you want since you can hide behind a screen. Racial profiling has gotten worse because of social media. Anyone can sit behind a screen and say whatever they want because it is not straight to people's face so therefore it is easy. Whether that means posting pictures or even videos profiling a race or a certain group, it happens all of the time. At the same time though social media has made racial profiling more of a known subject to people who might not think things like this happens. For example Eric Garner was videoed being choked to death while telling the officer that he couldn't breathe. The video went viral and made people aware of this and could maybe help prevent it in the future because all of the backlash that the officers caught for this incident. I do not think that racial profiling could get any worse though social media because there is only so much you can say or do about it online. With that being said social media will continue to grow as technology does. In twenty years our kids will be saying twitter is so old and not cool and there will be something completely new and far more advanced than anything that we have today.

Super Bowl Preci

Amazon, in a commercial for the 2016 Super Bowl, reveals that the new Amazon Echo can hear your voice and can complete your command with Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin both asking “Alexa” questions about one another. Amazon exhibits how the Amazon Echo (Alexa) can use your voice commands to stop and start music at first, then Marino and Baldwin use Alexa to answer questions about each other to support their argument and finally Missy Elliot uses Alexa to play one of her new songs. Using technology that is now in high demand, Amazon is showing that their technology is becoming more advanced and is now making it easier to find out information in order to be able to compete with apple and their voice recognition technology and the beats speaker to have both of these technologies in a single device. Amazon’s large audience of the 2016 Super Bowl is directed toward people who love the new gadgets and also music lovers and this product has both of these things in one single product; however, Amazon uses humor to show the fun that can be had by using their product just like Baldwin and Marino and their Super Bowl party
Amazon Echo: #BaldwinBowl Party feat Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Jason Schwartzman, & Missy Elliott

Mr. Trump

"NASCAR endorsed Trump,"

Donald Trump said this on March 7, 2016 in Concord, North Carolina. When Trump said that NASCAR had endorsed him it all wasn’t completely true. Brian France the CEO of NASCAR had personally endorsed TRUMP but that does not mean that the entire company did. It is also partially true because the France family is the family that started NASCAR, it comes off when the CEO of a company endorsed Trump that it would be the entire company. You have to know that the France family are the owners of NASCAR and make most of the decisions, but just because one person of the company endorsed Trump that does not mean that every person that works for NASCAR does. I can see how Trump thought that the entire company of NASCAR was endorsing him since the CEO did and then shortly after some of the biggest names of present and retired racers came out publicly endorsed Trump that he could get that message.

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Mrs. Hillary

"depends on small donations for the majority of our support."

Hillary Clinton said this in a speech on March 21, 2016 in Palm Beach Florida. When you make a donation that is higher than $200 you have to register your name occupation, employer, and your zip code. The donations that are under you do not. Hilary states that the smaller donations is what her campaign relies on but in reality the small donations only make up 17-19% of her money raised. You have to know the percentage of money that she has received from small donors so you can see if that is really what her campaign depends on. I think this is a typical Hillary thing to say. She says things so it makes it seem like every penny really touches her but in reality it’s all not true.

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Mr. Cruz

"I have not insulted Donald personally, and I don't intend to,"

Ted Cruz said this during a debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Fox News. The reason that this line was said is because Trump had made a comment about Cruz possibly not being able to run for president since he was from Canada. From that moment on the two have been taking shots at each other to try and get one another rattled and off of their game. In order for you to call this quote fair or not you need to know that the two have been going back and forth with each other and also that what you call an insult may differ from person to person which mean that this could be true if you do not think that the things that have been said are not insults or you ma which means the red flag needs to be thrown up.

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We are a nation of Proles

Growing up people try to put this image or create a certain standard that they think every American should do when they are grown and start to provide for yourself. If for whatever reason you do not follow this outline then you are an outcast. I feel like this relates to the article since there is kind of a way of life that is unsaid but at the same time it is what most people do and just assume that others do as well. For example on Saturdays in the fall, people watch college football. Weather that is going to the game, watching it on TV or at a tailgate. If you are not one of those people then people want to know why you’re not and think that is strange because it is expected. People want to live the American Dream. Something that is put into your head when you are old enough to speak. This is what people want and work for their entire life but hardly ever reach. It all starts with education. Kindergarten is where you start and work your way up through the system until finally reaching college to finish school out. Next is to fins love in your life. Marriage is something that is put in to your mind at such a young age and is pretty much set in stone in terms of you must do this in order to be happy. As you get older and have to start to provide for yourself and not rely on others is when you get a job. You work hard day in and day out no matter what it may be to support you and your family. Working your tail off for thirty to forty years until you have enough money to retire and then you do so. Most people want to live until the age of 80 or so and then they pass. We are in the big scheme of things controlled without being controlled. We all make choices and decisions based on what others think about those choices and if it isn’t what everyone else does then it is weird or you could be considered an outcast. An example of that could be the way that people dress and style their hair. Things trend at different times and that is what people wear most of the time. There will always be people who only do what they want no matter what the majority of people do. TV plays a big role in what we as people hope for in life and look forward to as we grow. Reality TV can put an image in our head that we strive for but when that image is not possible to achieve. In that aspect TV can control people by giving us this vision that we would like for ourselves and so we do things that we believe will help us reach this lifestyle but no matter what we do that life that we see on TV is not real. Pretty much like the American dream.

The American Dream

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Cam Shepherd


12th Grade Brit Lit

11 May 2016

Shays Rebellion

Shay’s Rebellion was in the years of 1786 to 1787 all over America. Massachusetts was where these protests were most serious but the ranged all the way down to South Carolina. All throughout the east coast of the United States farmers protested the local and state governments against the economic depression and the high taxes. The high taxes caused the farmers to suffer and over time they lost their farm to the government.Th farmers did not like this because the anmount of income was not enough to pay for the taxes that the government rasied the taxes to. In addition to losing their farm they were put into prison for not paying what the owed to the government. Everything started with protests with the farmer as they started to have meeting to protest. The the protests became extreme when Daniel Shays became the leader of these revolts. This helped to prove that the nation needed a stronger federal government since of group of farmers could overthrow the one that they had at the time.The government realized how weak the constitution used to be so therefore they revised it to make it more stable and more powerful.Than the constitution became a real thing later in 1787. Daniel Shays was the guy who started the rebellion and inspired the farmer to fight what they are worth and for what they deserve. The power started to build up when the farmers were thrown in jail for ridiculously high taxes being enforced and then when the group had a leader to lead these revolts they became very extreme. When the rebellion started, at first it was just a small group of farmers talking about how capture lawyers and state supporters that back up the higher taxes. More and more people started to hop on board to rebel against the government until it became much bigger. Shays and his army marched into Springfield where they were met by the state militia and was forced to retreat. Even though the rebellion was shut down they still highlighted the weaknesses of Articles of Confederation it made the nation stronger as a whole and then a new constitution was created. In 1984 Julia and Winston thought that they were going to join the organization Brotherhood but when really Big Brother was behind the entire thing which caused them to have a down fall. These can relate to the fact that they both had things and ideas that they believed in and tried to make a difference in their own life. Both of the revolutions got shut down except in the book 1984 the consequences were much worse. Winston and Julia were both tortured and raped as a punishment to what they had done. Shay and his rebellion got everything dismissed when the new leader came into power.

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Performance #1

My thoughts on media literacy have not really changed over the course of this year. What has changed is the amount of different way that things can be expressed and shown. What I said in the beginning of the year is true and I still feel the same way but now at this point I have seen and heard many more ways to show these ideas using social media. I learned and took away that there are many different way to express yourself and your beliefs and just because your opinion is different than most peoples, that does not make you wrong. The surface of something could have a certain meaning to you but more than likely there is a much deeper meaning and you have to think of those deeper meaning to really appreciate things. This class has taught me how to think deeper and what thinking really is. You have to have an understanding of what thinking truly is before you can try to actually go do it for real and not act like it. I enjoyed and wish we would have done more Socratic seminars for the reason of all the different perspectives that people have on a topic that what you think of could possibly be completely different. That really opens your mind and helps you see that there are many sides to everything and makes you think about things before you just assume that your way is the best way. Before coming into this class I usually had one opinion on things and was not really open to things that I did not think of. Now before I express what I think I go back and think of all the other scenarios that could happen and try to pick the best one of those. That way I can get an understanding of other perspectives and can respect what other people are going through so I can relate to them better. In an overall perspective I enjoyed this class and took away a lot of useful things that I can use for my life in the future.

Performance #2

People should put other people first in their lives and the social media life should always come later. These days’ people are too worried about what other people post or say and even what think is funny. The memories in life are made by going through experiences first hand with all your focus on what’s going on right in front of you. We are always concerned what is going on with everyone else in the world instead of focusing on yourself and having your own social life making friendships and conversing with other people. I think with people everyone is going to have a much different opinion on it but I think that people are addicted to social media because it gives them a place to be the person that they dream of being. They live the life they want to live through social media which is what makes those websites more addictive. If we as human beings would just love ourselves for who we really are there would constantly be that urge to always go on social media. I personally do not care for the social media world for the fact that I don’t want everyone knowing lots of stuff about me I am perfectly fine with who I am. I feel as if there really is not a point to tweet out something or to post a ton of picture about your personal life to how ever many followers that you may have. Social media has great potential in some cases as the video that we watched. He uses social media to get people to see his video and to try and make difference with people to change the world and people’s lives. The thing that I think is funny is that the entire video is how mad social media is and that it ruins people and has changed how we as people live but he is making a name for himself through these websites that he is bashing. That is how he became so known is the use and how popular social media has become.