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What a Week!

Read Every Day Pep Rally

What a great way to start off an exciting week!
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Lovin' Literacy!

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Reading Groups and Word Study!

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We spend time exploring text with teacher instruction, with friends, and independently throughout the day. We even have Lucy, our reading dog, visit to listen to us read once a week. We are growing so much and are AWESOME readers!
We use Tucker Signing to help with segmenting and blending sounds.

Time Magazine Time!

We read a Time Magazine for kids this week and it was all about astronauts...perfect for this week's Content focus! Scroll down to find out more! :}

Book Buddies!


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Mokie Monday

Design 2015 - First Graders learned more about equines by examining their anatomy.

We learned what characteristics are shared by all equines on our Mokie Monday lesson. Students had the opportunity to examine a horse skull and examine the teeth to predict what the animal's diet is. We discussed how "eyes on the side, an animal will hide and eyes in the front, an animal will hunt" to show how horses are herbivores who only eat plants and not meat. Jerry Pallotta's Skull Alphabet Book and other horse books were a fun addition to our lesson.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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Veterans Day!

Our Littles Patriots

Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, also known as veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11th. Mrs. Ackenbom's Littles put their knowledge and appreciation of the armed forces into action by writing thank you notes to sailors and other veterans including my father, Admiral Miller! He even visited OUR classroom on Veterans Day and spent time teaching us all about Navy pilots and the military. Not only that, but we also had Mrs. Rowanhill, Nathan's mom, come and teach us all about the physics of rockets used in NASA and the military. Then we went outside and...BLAST OFF! We shot rockets into the sky and then designed our own rockets we thought would go the highest into the sky! What an AWESOME day of learning!
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Reading a Jerry Pallotta Jet Alphabet book with Admiral Miller
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Our own rocket designs

About Mrs. Ackenbom

I am from a military family and grew up in several areas around the United States. I received my B.A. from the University of Mary Washington in American Studies. I enjoyed Mary Washington so much that I decided to stay and get my Masters of Science in Elementary Education. This will be my ninth year as a teacher and I love being a part of a child's individual learning journey. In addition to teaching, I am passionate about horseback riding and being active outside. I am very excited to be working at Crozet Elementary this year!

About Us

We are Mrs. Ackenbom's Little Ponies! We want to learn something new every day. We use kind words with others. We treat others with kindness and compassion. We share. We take turns. We apologize. We have fun. We are first graders at Crozet Elementary - where we inspire and are inspired by the world around us!