by: Elizabeth Dickerson

Pysanky Ostrich Egg Dying Demonstration with Jill Turndorf


  • Ukrainians celebrate a number of holidays, namely Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, New Years and Ivana Kupala (St John's Eve). They also hold a festival every autumn to celebrate the end of the harvest.
  • Easter egg dyeing is a traditional thing to do.
  • Holiday bread is made alot at Easter.
  • At the height of the vyshyvanka’s popularity, Ukrainians could tell which village a person was from simply by examining the garment.

    Young girls and unmarried women, on the other hand, traditionally wore flowered wreaths around their heads. Known as a vinok, the wreaths date back thousands of years and played a vital role in Kupala Night celebrations.

    On this day young women would place their wreaths in a river or lake along with a lit candle. If a woman’s vinok drifted away, she would marry. If the wreath remained in one spot, she would not. A vinok that sank was thought to represent the woman’s impending death, while an extinguished candle represented misfortune. Young men took matters into their own hands by diving after a special lady’s wreath. Some Ukrainian women still participate in this ancient fortune telling tradition.

  • The language spoken is Ukrainian and 97% of the registered religious communities in Ukraine are Christian. About half of them are Orthodox. The other half is split among Catholics and Protestants

Ukraine's Government

Ukraine is governed under the constitution of 1996. The president, who is the head of state, is popularly elected for a five-year term and is eligible for a second term. The government is headed by the prime minister, who along with the cabinet is named by president. The unicameral* legislature consists of the 450-seat Supreme Council , whose members are elected to serve five-year terms. They have a presidential and republic government.
*consisting of a single chamber, as a legislative assembly
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Current Events

  • President Petro Poroshenko tried the Dozor out."Dozor" is an armored vehicle of Ukrainian production. The vehicle has an increased protection from 7.62 mm bullets, larger elements, mines. It is also equipped with surveillance devices and satellite navigation system. The powerplant generates 197 hp, which allows speeding up to 105 km/h. The volume of the fuel tank equals 300 liters.