K-5 Ed Tech Talk

January 2020 Edition

🎉Happy New Year! Let's Celebrate YOU- the Awesome K-5 Teachers of the MSD!🎉

What better time of the year to try some new ways to integrate technology in your classroom? This issue will provide some tips and tricks for the New Year as well as provide many opportunities to WIN some cool swag for you and your classroom!

🎉Giveaway #1: Getting "Clever" with Badges

Check out the fun ways to manage Clever badges in the classroom below!

How do YOU use Clever Badges in your classroom?

E-mail your pictures to heidi.biller@msdk12.net to be entered to WIN a special prize for your classroom!!! Winners will be announced in the February Newsletter!!

🎉Giveaway #2: i-Ready Rockstar

The iReady Diagnostic window opens on January 21st.

This will be the first time for Kindergarteners. To help kindergarten students prepare, here are some helpful resources:

Getting Students Ready Guide

iReady Central ideas from other educators on how to prepare kindergarten students for the Diagnostic

As students gear up to take the next iReady diagnostic, these iReady Encouragement Cards are great reminders for students to do their best and promote a positive Growth Mindset.

Here are some other iReady Printables:

Printable iReady Student Success Certificates (English and Spanish)

iReady Punch Cards- punch out a star every time a student completes a lesson

iReady "I Learned..." Bulletin Board Resource

How do YOU display your students' iReady progress and celebrate successes in the classroom? Do you have a bulletin board? Do you hand out certificates? Share what YOU do here!

All entries will be entered to win some special i-Ready swag!! Winners will be announced in the February Newsletter!

🎉Giveaway #3: Station Rotation & Playlist Power

I have seen many amazing and creative ways to display their station rotations in the K-5 classrooms in the MSD!

Submit/Email photos of your rotation charts, playlists, creative transition cues (lights, doorbells, etc...) and instructions displayed at our centers!

Optimizing Station Rotations in Blended Learning

All entries will be entered to win a Station Rotation "Swag Bag" filled with awesome items to continue to support and enhance your implementation of Blended Learning in the classroom! Winners will be announced in the February Newsletter!

🎉Giveaway #4: GoGuardian Go-Getters

We recently rolled out GoGuardian for our 3-5 classroom teachers. Share your feedback, how you've used GoGuardian in the classroom to support the importance of creating positive digital choices, or submit what you would like to learn more about GoGuardian.

Email your feedback and responses to heidi.biller@msdk12.net.

All entries will be entered to win some GoGuardian Swag! Winners will be announced in February.

🎉Make Your Resolution to try a New Resource! Check these out!


Vooks.com: Teachers can sign up for a FREE 1 year subscription. Vooks is an

ever-growing streaming library of animated children’s storybooks


Canva: With Canva for Education, teachers can register for a free premium teacher account with access for 30 students. Canva can be used to create Infographics, presentations, posters, and much more! You can create anything you can imagine with Canva.


Educandy.com: With Educandy, you can create interactive learning games in minutes. All you need is to enter the vocabulary or questions and answers and Educandy turns your content into cool interactive activities!


Math is Visual: Resources for teachers and students that visually demonstrate math.


Chrome MusicLab: a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.


Scrabble Board: Students can use this Scrabble board to create words and phrases, remember to have students make a copy first!


Winter Magnetic Poetry Template: Students can create Winter poems with just a click and a drag! Remember to have students make a copy first!

🎉You Can Book Me🎉

Have an idea for a project and need assistance getting started?

Want to learn more about a specific platform or component from the Google Suite (docs, drive, slides, etc..)?

Do you want to start a Google classroom or take yours to the next level?

Have questions about Blended Learning?

You can book me! I am happy to come you and have 1 on 1 PD with you! Use this link to book a time!