Night Flyer

The holocaust

Topic One

I feel that the time in Auschwitz changed lots of people as a person because it made most of them a lot more violent as well as, for some, very depressed. The time at camp affected everyone there as a family because, as soon as they got to the camp, the majority of family members were send to be gassed and burned in the crematories. Finally I think that the prisoners relationships with other humans was ruined, mostly with Germans because of what they did to them. Also friends might have turned on one another and fought, ruining those relationships as well.

Topic 2

I think that one of the themes in the novel was survival. First, was surviving the time at camp, getting food and water, staying in shape, and staying away from the crematories. The second theme is religion, most people gave up on believing in God and abandoned their religion. Finally the last theme was death, so many people died from the gas, and being burned alive, but none of the were remembered. Millions of people died for no real reason.

Topic 3

What this novel revealed about me is that i cant understand why someone could be so cruel to another human being. The Germans were killing millions of Jews with no real reason other than that Hitler to them to do it and threatened to punish them if they were against him.