The Longmore Learners

Week of March 28th

Spring Party

We had a wonderful Spring Party. Thanks to all the parents who helped, but a special thanks to Mr. Beahan, and Mr. & Mrs. Bajardi. The photo booth was a huge hit! I have 112 photos from my camera. I am only posting a few.

This Week In Math

We will start working with Topic 13 this week. We are a little behind the other classes. I felt this is necessary to give them a basis in fractions as we moved forward. This topic has 10 lessons, and I will be doubling up on some lessons to see if I can move through it a little quicker. It is a combination of fractions and decimals. I will monitor students pretty closely to make sure a majority are understanding it. It would be safe to say that we will take the topic test next week sometime (probably the end of the week).

This Week In ELA

Read Aloud
The read aloud book for this unit is the City of Ember. It is a pretty interesting book, at least we had a good time last year reading it. I had a student last year who had the movie and we were able to watch the movie after reading the book (like Lightning Thief), but unfortunately, I have not been able to find a copy. I will keep looking.

We will start a new Unit of Study this quarter. It is a science unit and it is based around energy. There are quite a few interesting labs during this unit as well. I feel these are important, so we will get to them.

The main writing of this unit is opinion writing. We are going to be writing quite a few smaller essays on opinion, with the final project being an essay we create in 3 days on the best form of energy that should be used (nuclear, fossil fuel, solar, hydropower, wind). Our first assignment should be due this Friday.

Small Reading Groups

All groups read to the end of their books and we started reading mythology. We will be moving away from those pieces and into some non-fiction reading first. We will have time I think for one more fiction before the end of the school year after this.

Neon Green:

Spelling Week 26

Suffix: -ous/-ic

Suffix -ic changes the part of speech and has the meaning “of, pertaining to, or characterized by”.

Suffix: -ous changes the part of speech and has the meaning “full of”..

electronics, patriotic, sympathetic, academic, energetic, apologetic, miraculous, courageous, poisonous, outrageous

Weekly Calendar

Monday, March 28th
No School

Tuesday, March 29th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
Maker Space Day

Wednesday, March 30th
Day 1 - Art

Thursday, March 31st
Day 2 - Gym
Tech Fest 6-8pm

Friday, April 1st

Day 3 - Music, don't forget your recorders and binders.
Mentor Sentences
Dictation Sentences today
Update Data Binders
I warned them that today is April Fools Day. Be prepared for some fun!

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